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Redistribute Xeoma products for bulk reselling in enterprise environment

For companies and individuals interested to redistribute Xeoma products in enterprise environment verticals, FelenaSoft company has an on-going special offer.
Get up to 60% discount off retail prices for Xeoma licenses. The more you buy – the bigger profit you get.
See more about discounts and conditions

Bulk reselling of Xeoma products

Available are the following methods of bulk reselling Xeoma licenses:

1) Buying from FelenaSoft licenses as per request from clients
You receive orders from your clients, and then request the needed licenses from us to then redistribute the licenses to clients.

+ no initial investments needed, you get licenses when you need them
– for bank transfer (the most profitable payment method), there is a delay between paying the invoice in getting licenses around 2 business days.
For paying through PayPal/myCommerce licenses are issued almost immediately but discount is smaller, VAT may apply (myCommerce for UK, EU), only personal accounts are accepted (PayPal).

2) Leaving a deposit at FelenaSoft for later bulk reselling
You leave a pre-payment with us in your reseller account beforehand and secure the corresponding discount. When you get an order from clients, you can create a needed license in seconds and redistribute it to clients.

+ no delay in generation of licenses
+ the discount is secured even for generation of “small” licenses up until the paid amount of money runs out;
-prepayment: you need to transfer money to your account beforehand.

3) Having purchase links embedded at your portal
Integrate Xeoma purchase API to your site to synchronize with your automated billing system.

+ hands free: all works automatically
– requires basic knowledge of website making and billing

System architecture in enterprise environment

Xeoma’s resellers can redistribute Xeoma products also in enterprise-level environment verticals. Though sometimes challenging, large projects bring acknowledgement.

In most cases, system architecture can be simplified to the scheme as follows:

Xeoma surveillance can be used in enterprise environment with a system architecture like depicted

If you are interested in bulk reselling Xeoma products to large corporations, for example, in enterprise environments, we are happy to offer special conditions for you.
Please let us know about your interest, and let’s start our partnership!

January, 31 2018

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