How can I save on license cost?

Q: We will be launching a series of DVRs with 4 cameras. We’d need basically Xeoma Standard functionality but with some of PRO possibilities like PTZ in browser, simultaneous view of recordings from all cameras. Probably Loitering Detection (PRO edition) for 1 camera out of 4.
How can we get the most price-efficient calculation?

A: Xeoma is flexible. Depending on your needs, budget and environment, you can combine various editions (and licenses) to get the most economical solution.

We provide 20-30% discount for our reselelrs, depending on paymrnt method.

Purchases via Bank transfer or card net you the highest discount – 30%.
Purchases via PayPal or MyCommerce give you slightly lower discount – 20%.

For example, here’s a spreadsheet of how you can influence the price

Xeoma price influenced by payment method and edition choice
Type of license Retail price Price with 20% discount Price with 30% discount
Xeoma Standard for 4 cameras, 1 year of free updates $76.95 $61.56 $53.87
Xeoma Pro for 1 camera, 1 year of free updates $59.95 $47.96 $41.96
$136.9 $109.52 $95.83
Xeoma Standard for 4 cameras, 1 year of free updates $130.95 $104.76 $91.66
Upgrade from Standard to Pro for 1 camera $46.95 $37.56 $32.87
$177.9 $142.32 $124.53

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