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How can I save on license cost?

Q: We will be launching a series of DVRs with 4 cameras. We’d need basically Xeoma Standard functionality but with some of PRO possibilities like PTZ in browser, simultaneous view of recordings from all cameras. Probably Loitering Detection (PRO edition) for 1 camera out of 4.
How can we get the most price-efficient calculation?

A: Xeoma is flexible and very affordable as it is, especially when you compare it to other solutions.
But even more than that, depending on your needs, budget and environment, you can combine various editions (and licenses) to get the most economical solution.

  • First off, there are some economical editions like Xeoma Free, Xeoma Starter or Xeoma Lite that are cheap and can fit into some simpler use cases.
  • Then, if you decide to go for Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro licenses, a volume discount is offered: the bigger license you buy, the cheaper it is per camera.
  • In most cases (except for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud) licenses of Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro editions can combine and work together on the same computer. This means that you can get Pro features solely for those cameras that’d need them, and have the rest be covered by the Standard edition.
  • You can use free Linux distros with Xeoma thus saving on the cost of an OS.
  • Also, we provide special beneficial conditions to our resellers. Please see Resellers page for conditions on becoming our partner.

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