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What if I can’t run your 64-bit app on my 64-bit OS

If you’re attempting to install Xeoma, for example, on a Raspberry Pi3 Model B+ 64-bit running Raspbian, and you downloaded the Xeoma for ARMv8 but when you try to run the xeoma.app file, you get prompted to “Select an application to open executable files”.

Here’s what you should do. Please make sure that:
1) the OS installed on your device is also 64-bit (if you are not sure, execute this command in the console: uname -a)
2) xeoma.app is unpacked from its archive (the downloaded file should be .tgz, unpacking can be done via console: tar -xvzf xeoma_linux_arm8.tgz)

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance regarding Xeoma!