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Monitoring and security costs reduction with Xeoma

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma

Nowadays, video surveillance and security systems are not an option, but a necessity. CCTV systems become more and more popular each day and play a significant role in providing a safer environment in our fast-paced world. Monitoring systems have become a common thing in the everyday life, with that said you can choose any variant of video surveillance system on the market suitable for your budget and requirements. In this article, we will review different ways on how to reduce costs of creating a monitoring and security system based on Xeoma.

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma 1. Automation of processes.

By means of Xeoma, you can create an automation solution for various cases to make your business more cost-effective. For example, you can use integration with gate barriers to open them upon recognizing a vehicle’s license plate from the white list. Or, with Xeoma’s AI-powered “Face recognition” entrance gates can open automatically for the authorized visitors or employees. Also, Xeoma offers a “Face ID”, smart card reader and QR code recognition solution to make the entrance gate open automatically using double authentication. This functionality will be perfect for the area with strict access rules providing higher security monitoring.

Through the use of Xeoma you can significantly reduce entrance control cost by eliminating the employment of staff and automating the process of the entrance access. Xeoma video surveillance will help not only automate the process of passing through the checkpoint, but also become a tireless assistant that monitors the area 24/7.

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma 2. Various versions for any budget.

Xeoma includes a variety of editions for a project of any scale and budget. You can choose any mode suitable for your case. For example, Xeoma Starter mode allows connecting unlimited amount of cameras for live view for a price of a cup of coffee.

Also, Xeoma’s licensing model is very flexible. You can purchase any suitable edition for your project, for instance Xeoma Standard. And if you need particular intellectual Pro modules or additional AI-based modules, you can purchase them additionally to your current license. Xeoma Standard and Pro licenses summarize, so there’s no need to a purchase Pro license for all cameras – you can combine them making the price of the whole project more budget-friendly.

And as a bonus, our friendly tech support is free of charge and available at any time, alongside free demo licenses and detailed instructions and manuals.

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma 3. Perpetual licenses and unlimited amount of servers.

Xeoma licenses are perpetual and can be used on your devices forever. Renewal licenses are optional and can be purchased with significant discount. Xeoma Lite, Standard and Pro modes allow adding more cameras in the future, therefore you can expand your video surveillance system anytime without the need to purchase a new license.

Sometimes stacking all cameras onto a single server would mean that a super computer is needed to process them all, even more so if any AI features are required apart from regular monitoring and security duties. Such powerful computers might be hard to get, and quite expensive. At some point, when it comes to a more powerful machine, the price for such devices rises exponentially. It is easier and cheaper quite frequently to purchase and use several smaller off-the-shelf computers instead, and spread the cameras across them. But is it as convenient as having all cameras gathered in 1 server? With Xeoma – the answer is yes.

Xeoma video software can be used on the unlimited amount of servers, unlike many other apps. So you can purchase Xeoma licenses for multiple servers and combine them in the multiserver mode to review all cameras or only particular servers at once. Even more than that, only the Server part of Xeoma needs licensing, Xeoma Clients are free of charge, and you can use as many of them as you want.

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma 4. Cheaper with microPCs.

Xeoma is cross-platform software and can be installed on any popular operating system, including Linux for ARM-based devices. This way you can use Xeoma on a microPC such as Raspberry Pi, Banana and Orange Pi, Odroid and so on. Such devices significantly reduce CCTV project pricing due to their capability to handle a decent amount of cameras and flexibility in terms of installation in various conditions because of their small size.

Many projects such as “Safe city” often use these off-the-shelf solutions because single-board computers can be mounted almost anywhere, e.g. on a pole or inside a gate barrier. And their prices are much more profitable than the price of a powerful server.

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma 5. 99% supported camera brands.

Xeoma supports 99% of all cameras on the market, making the software extremely multifunctional and flexible. It is much easier to create a CCTV system using Xeoma because it can use the cameras that are already at hand. And the process of adding cameras in Xeoma is as simple as launching a computer. You can conduct a simple search for local cameras in Xeoma via “+” menu, so that the software could find all cameras in the local network within a few seconds.

You can choose any cameras for your budget and connect them in Xeoma. Thus, the price of the video surveillance project can be reduced significantly, so you can enjoy an even more prefect monitoring system.

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma 6. DIY “Smart home” solution.

Create your own home assistant solution customized to your personal requirements with Xeoma. The software’s integration modules can be used alongside various controllers and devices inside and outside your house. You can create a “Smart home” solution at a great price, reducing the overall project cost, with Xeoma video surveillance software.

Turn on/off the light automatically, close/open the door or motorized curtains, switch a TV channel, or do any other thing that comes to your mind with Xeoma. Build up a perfect “Smart home” solution just for you!

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma 7. Cloud solution to cut down expenses on equipment.

Xeoma Cloud is our remote Cloud server to connect your cameras to. Create video surveillance system straight off the reel with Xeoma Cloud.

There’s no need to purchase expensive servers and other massive equipment, all you need is the internet and your cameras. The Xeoma Cloud server will handle all load and maintenance, while you can connect to it at any time to view your cameras, archive recordings, download necessary segments of videos and use all the usual features of Xeoma you might need in the Cloud!

Store your recordings in Xeoma Cloud with total peace of mind because servers will not get vandalized, become out of service or simply go down as a result of unexpected emergency e.g. power outage. Only authorized users have access to cameras, both in real-time and archive, this way you can be sure that your recordings are safe and secure.

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma 8. Advanced video analytics for the reduced price.

Xeoma contains all kinds of video analytics, both basic for small CCTV systems and advanced video analytics for large projects and sector-specific use. AI-based technologies can be purchased additionally to Xeoma perpetual licenses, and therefore there’s no need to purchase an expensive license that contains it all, you can simply choose the analytics that you require for your project.

By the way, AI-based modules are also available in a bundle that is much cheaper than purchasing the modules one by one. You can create an efficient video surveillance system customized specifically to your project’s requirements. And that is not all! We can go an extra mile just for you and develop necessary features if Xeoma lacks something you need for your video surveillance system. Our team offers flexible and affordable prices on the paid development, so you can always find what you need with CCTV software Xeoma!

Monitoring and security costs reduction with video surveillance software Xeoma

As you can see, Xeoma is extremely flexible and can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Some of them are:

And many other usage scenarios.

Xeoma’s user-friendly interface, flexible modular system and extended video analytics will be a great addition to any project. Improve business performance, automate processes and reduce cost with Xeoma CCTV software.

Contact us if you would like to get a demo license to test Xeoma!

January, 31 2023

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