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Rent of the license is the best way to launch a new project


You want to try Xeoma in your large object, but you don’t want to make a big-volume purchase of licenses at once? You want to start your video surveillance project, but you do not have the start-up budget? Then rent of the license is what you need!

Rent of Xeoma licenses is a unique chance to launch your video surveillance project, while paying 10 times less than the cost of a regular Xeoma license. You can rent licenses on a monthly subscription, renewing the rent as needed. For example, if you want to create your own cloud video surveillance service, you will need Xeoma Pro licenses. You can both start with a small number of cameras, gradually increasing the number of subscribers, and you can rent licenses for a large number of subscribers at once. Thus, you do not have to spend a large amount of money at the initial stage of launching your project. You can make a profit immediately, without investing high money to start a project. For example, if you rent Xeoma Pro license for 256 cameras, you can sell access to your cloud video surveillance service for $10 a month, so already in 3 months you can buy the commercial Xeoma Pro license for 256 cameras.

There is another example: 256 cameras are already installed on your site, and you want to change the software and switch to Xeoma. For example, Xeoma Standard license for 256 cameras costs $2549,95, but you would prefer to test Xeoma on your site in your conditions before making a purchase. It may take several months to fully evaluate the software operation at such a large enterprise. If you rent this license for only $254,99 per month, you will significantly save your expenses and will not risk anything – our technical support specialists are always in touch with you and are ready to help to deal with any of your questions.

Learn more about the advantages of renting in our article.

Rent is available for Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro licenses. Please note: if you have Xeoma commercial licenses installed, they do not cumulate with the rented licenses on the same server. At the same time, rented licenses can be cumulated to each other: you can activate several Xeoma Standard + Xeoma Pro rented licenses on the same server (as well as Standard+Standard and Pro+Pro). An exception will be the case when you create your own cloud video surveillance service: you can rent only Xeoma Pro licenses, which will not be cumulated to Xeoma Standard licenses. Rented licenses can work on a virtual machine if you have a stable Internet connection. If you don’t have Internet on your server, you can alternatively purchase commercial Xeoma licenses.

You can buy Xeoma licenses for rent in two ways:

  • On our website in the “buy” section:


The easiest and quickest payment method is available here: PayPal. It has the option of automatic license renewal. It is important to take care of this in advance, because if you delay the payment, your license will be deactivated, the settings will be reset, and you will need to configure your surveillance system from scratch. You can secure yourself against such a scenario and export settings: go Main menu – Install – Restore – Export settings. You can apply them in the new system via the Main menu – Install – Restore – Import settings

  • Write to us:

Specify the product you want to purchase, the desired payment method, and we will send you an invoice for payment through a bank or a link for making an online payment via a bank card or MyCommerce. The same refers to the automatic license renewal: if you pay the bill in advance, your license will be automatically renewed, and you will not need to activate the new license and reconfigure the cameras.

As you can see, the rented licenses have the same functionality as commercial ones, while their cost is 10 times lower. This is a great way to save money and start developing your business without the start-up budget.

June, 11 2019

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