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Crack: who hacks us and how to protect yourself from it?

Crack version kills your computer slowly

What is illegal hacking or as it is called “crack”? This is the so-called hacking of paid software, by removing its full limitations implied by the official version. Cracked versions came to us with the software paid versions, as a result immediately appeared people who thought that this was unfair and should be urgently corrected. These “craftsmen” began to distribute crack versions all over the network, well, video surveillance program wasn’t an exception.

Why don’t you need the “crack” when working with Xeoma?

We suggest you download and use the free Xeoma version. Xeoma contains no viruses, no spyware or adware. It is free to download and safe to install and run. Why we offer it for free? Because we stand for the software purity and not for the “cracked versions” distribution. We value our customers and are ready to give them the best product, even for free. If you want to get a professional version, we are always happy to give you this opportunity. We always have a lot of special offers in which you can participate and even get Xeoma Pro licenses as a gift.

Why not install this “crack” on your computer?

When you install Xeoma free version, we are responsible for our surveillance software. Xeoma does not contain adware and virus software and is absolutely safe for your computer. By installing the “crack” you put your computer at a potential risk. In 100% of cases, when installing the crack version, you add viruses to your computer. Which at best will break your entire video surveillance system, and at worst, steal all your personal data.

Illegal hacking or “crack”

You can call it whatever you like, it will never bring you any good. Broken and usually by non-professionals version will bring you a lot of inconvenience, you can’t use the free software updates, quickly contact support team, because hackers often replace the official site. Think about whether you need it. Do you want to install the program for video surveillance that will work or you want crack?