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The impossible possibilities of Xeoma CCTV Software

Imagine you are a businessman and have to keep many places under control. Don’t you feel sometimes that it is physically impossible to manage it all? What if, in addition to much time spent on traffic, you also have suspicion about your staff’s activities? Do they really work when you’re out? Do they leave half day earlier? And where, you may wonder, has that brand-new stapler gone that you bought just the day before yesterday?

Imagine you are a loving and caring parent that has to leave on a business trip. Do you have someone to look after your kids during your trip? And in everyday routine, how often do you wonder if everything is alright with your children right now, at home? Can you trust that babysitter? She does have good feedback but can you actually trust her you child?

Imagine your neighbors fell victims to burglary. Will you feel ill at rest thinking that something like that might happen to your house. Did you lock the door this morning? And this annoying thought that someone may be taking away your laptop or savings from a jar in the kitchen at this very moment…

What is common for all of these situations? They make us worry, they make us want to rather be in several places at a time. Is there a common solution for all these issues? Yes, there is.

DVR software Xeoma Xeoma CCTV Software will become your loyal and reliable partner in solving these issues. List of Xeoma features has every feature you’d need to build up an efficient, handy and simple-to-control video surveillance system. Unlike surveillance systems of previous generations, Xeoma has a totally different user-friendly graphical interface based on children construction set principle. Tinker-toy-easy to create, change, adjust and performing professional quality at the same time.

With Xeoma CCTV Software you can be in several places at a time, you can forget about being worried because you know for sure: your family members, valuables and your home are safe and your employees do earn their salary. Those who considered having everything under control impossible are now proven wrong. Impossible possibilities are at your disposal with Xeoma.

Xeoma is video camera systems with artificial intelligence have many modules Xeoma video surveillance software offers plentiful smart modules for various tasks – not always purely video security ones:
Recognition of emotions, faces, license plates and vehicle speed, gender, color, age, sounds, masks and safety gear; visitors counter, queue and social distance detector, integration with cash register devices and smart homes, and dozens of advanced features more! Read more here

We will be glad to receive any of your feedback, questions and offers concerning Xeoma CCTV Software. You can discuss Xeoma on forum, ask any questions, search for answers, or share your ideas how to use camera software Xeoma or how it helps you.

5 Mar 2012
Updated: 2 November, 2020

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