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Best video surveillance for Linux in 2024

Xeoma will help you choose the best video surveillance software for Linux in 2024

Major operating systems such as Linux and Windows are widely used in the CCTV installations. But there are multiple reasons why Linux OS is more popular these days.

Here are the reasons why the choice turns next to the Linux OS in regard to video surveillance:

  • Linux OS and its utilities don’t require licensing, it is free of charge
  • It has a great number of open-source and free utilities and tools to work with,
  • Linux OS is optimized to consume fewer resources, hence providing better performance,
  • It has various graphical shells available (KDE, GNOME, XFCE, LXDE, MATE etc.)
  • Linux operating system is an open-source package that can be modified and redistributed completely free of charge
  • This operating system has a great level of protection against malware and viruses,
  • Linux OS doesn’t have hard-coded updates that leave you no other choice rather than to install them, it’s up to you whether to update your OS or not

The most popular Linux installation packages are Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Mint, openSUSE and Red Hat Enterprise. Each one is supported by Xeoma video surveillance software, so you can choose any Linux variant that you like to create your CCTV system.

Video surveillance of the new generation

Best video surveillance for Linux in 2024 AI-powered Xeoma video surveillance software is able to provide the best of quality for your CCTV project. It has 100+ video analytics and contains a wide range of features based on Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning.

Xeoma works on all popular OSes and even supports ARM-based devices, where you can install the Linux/ARM Xeoma version. Xeoma CCTV software is not limited to video surveillance only, it’s also capable to fulfill other tasks such as gathering marketing information (gender, age and emotions of the customers), Smart home integration (automatic gate opening, switching of the illumination, turning on/off music with voice commands or automatically), baby monitor (using Xeoma as video nanny), recognition of text to integrate with various solutions (“reading” signs or letters/numbers on a vehicle, house with Xeoma’s AI-powered vision) and many other things. Xeoma’s functionality is truly unlimited.

Everything Linux

Best video surveillance for Linux in 2024 When we say that Xeoma is flexible, we mean it. In terms of Linux, Xeoma is as powerful as it could be. It allows you to run your video surveillance system with or without a graphic shell using a Terminal with a wide array of console commands. You can run Xeoma in various modes, including multiserver mode, to unite several sites and review their cameras all at once.

You can easily manage your Xeoma licenses between multiple servers, e.g. by using a portable USB key with Xeoma license. Or you can use a standalone license server to activate your CCTV system if your site doesn’t have Internet access (e.g. strict environment, government facilities, remote location etc.). You can also use Xeoma in a container or on a virtual machine. It is really up to you. You can create your perfect and sophisticated video surveillance system with Xeoma’s unlimited possibilities.

Save money – buy Raspberry

Best video surveillance for Linux in 2024 Not only it is small and portable, but it is also a budget friendly alternative to the general servers. Yes, we’re talking about microPCs, also known as single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Orange Pi, Odroid and other ARM-based devices. These small boxes can handle a bunch of cameras and serve as portable servers if you need to mount them in a difficult place, for example, a pole or a gate barrier.

Another great feature of Xeoma is its capability to adjust for any camera-related project because Xeoma supports 99% of all camera models, types and brands including web cameras, IP cameras, analog cameras, DVRs/NVRs, video capture cards, video walls, door viewers and other video surveillance devices.




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April 2, 2024

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