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Construction site video monitoring system

Using Xeoma video monitoring system (VMS), you will be able to install VMS at a construction site easily, and most importantly, without any extra costs and in a short time.
Security and materials safety issues may become an important problem at a construction site. We dream of our own house and work hard to afford it, so when we are finally ready to start building we do not want to put anything at risk. Be it the workers’ life and health safety or our money.

Without proper control building can take a long time and require a much larger investment than originally anticipated. Given the lack of opportunities for personal control because of the tight schedule of most modern people, the best solution will be to organize VMS at a construction site.

Costly at first glance, the installation of video monitoring system at a construction site does not necessarily have to be so, if you go a little bit deeper and try to understand the subject. Using Xeoma video surveillance software, you will be able to install VMS at a construction site easily, and most importantly, without any extra costs and in a short time.

As a result, it will save you much more money and significantly reduce the time of construction.

Here are the main advantages you will get having chosen Xeoma for your construction site VMS:

  • Control over an object and an adjacent territory;
  • Control over the building team that will allow you to eliminate possible theft of construction resources and negligent performance of construction works;
  • An ability to remotely monitor the construction process at any time and at any point on the globe;
  • VMS cameras archive recordings, which often are the only proof in case of any incident;
  • The fact of VMS cameras presence itself will scare most of potential intruders or unfair workers away;
  • Exclusion of any illegal actions on the part of a construction crew itself that, statistically, is one of the most popular cases.


Useful modules in Xeoma for construction businesses.

First and foremost, the Detector of Construction Site Safety (also called the Safety Gear detector) is a must in construction. This is the module using artificial intelligence advantages that can detect helmets and work robe in camera’s sight in construction sites and thus help ensure the compliance with health and safety regulations. Read more here

xeoma_software_advices If you would need another type of safety gear to be detected in Xeoma, you can request paid development for it. Please let us know the task and we’ll come back with the quote!

Another very popular feature for construction site is the timelapse. This is easily explained: construction usually is a long process that is hard to review minute-by-minute. Timelapse (or speeded representation) is a great way to embrace the process in a short time, and can be used by management personnel to review a day’s work, or can be shown to customers to visualize the process of a building erection. Read more about various timelapse options in Xeoma here

The Privacy Masking module can be used to blur out some areas where private property gets in the camera’s video stream.

Access control: Let’s be honest, construction is an expensive process where expensive equipment and tons of raw materials are kept and used. This rarely leaves looters uninterested so video surveillance systems with intrusion detection are an essential part of smart construction to cut losses. Even a simple Motion Detector will be able to detect intruders in the territory in off-hours. If fencing is used to border the construction site, Xeoma’s Senstar PTZ Tracking module can help rotate the camera to the place from where a signal comes.

Besides, intellectual Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition (also known as LPR) modules can be successfully utilized for access control, both allowing for ‘white’ and ‘black’ lists, and reaction to detection of an unauthorized person or vehicle. More about Face Recognition | More about LPR

For more strict access control a combination of Face ID module with either QR Card Reader or Smart Card Reader can be used, only letting those in who show the pass with their data in it. Read more about the double authorization in Xeoma

Further on automated access, what if the process of docking the right incoming truck to the right unloading box wouldn’t involve several people, and could be carried out automatically? Xeoma’s ANPR module can recognize license plates from user-specified lists and automatically run a pre-set reaction – for example instructions on the assigned dock.

Object Recognition can distinguish between different types of cars and can be used to route trucks to the special dock, or send alerts to a supplies managing worker. Read more the Object Recognizer here

Xeoma is an all-in-one complex solution. Since it works with 99% of cameras in the world and offers advanced video analytics, you can use various cameras of multiple brands and models, even the simple ones, without having to overpay for specific models with video analytics on board.

However, if a specialized camera with unique video analytics is needed and utilized, Xeoma’s module ‘Camera-Embedded Detector‘ will help get its triggers. Flexible work with external systems and devices will help make the Xeoma-powered video surveillance system a part of larger ecosystem.

Sometimes a construction site comprises a vast territory so an overview camera with zoom and rotate capabilities is often used that can cover a larger area for better situational awareness with minimum costs. With Xeoma’s automatic PTZ guard tours, the camera can ‘visit’ different spots to not miss anything of interest even if it happens in the area that the camera is not always looking at. More about PTZ tours in Xeoma

xeoma_software_advices Xeoma offers multiple PTZ options for various purposes. Read more here

Xeoma’s Detector of abandoned objects will detect if vehicles, people or equipment are in the space that should be left free at all times – or it can notify you if an unattended object is in the camera’s field of view for longer than normal. Read more about the module here

Personnel activity can be controlled too with Xeoma’s intellectual analysis of cameras’ video stream: the Loitering Detector will notice idle workers and launch the needed reaction: reporting, notifications, and custom reactions are supported. Crowd Detector will detect if workers are gathered in a group instead of operating their posts, etc.

It may seem, on the face of it that VMS installation at a construction site is quite tricky and require some special skills. Probably most people will opt for turning to a professional security agency. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully consider the choice of software. It is important that you can easily understand the software yourself, to be able to manage the settings, to connect to the system remotely, to browse the archive and so on.

It is far better to keep everything under control than to listen to various excuses from the building crew and constantly calculate expenses for works that have never been conducted, isn’t it? Not to mention a common unfair attitude of the building crews that may lead to the serious problems in the future.

In this sense, Xeoma is definitely one of the best solutions. Its interface makes it easy to configure and adjust VMS of any complexity. User-friendly and intuitive interface turns the whole process of work into a pleasant game.

10 December 2013, updated 16 December 2020

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