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Can the software do push notifications?

Yes. There is “Mobile Notifications” module that allows to receive instant notifications in mobile devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android. The advantage of the module is that it doesn’t require the app to be running in your Android/iOS device to be able to notify you of the alerts (unlike the simpler module for mobile notifications “Client Window Pop-Up” that requires the app to be always running to push alerts). With the new module you will see alerts from selected servers as iPhone’s, iPad’s standard notifications – on the lock screen, in the Banners area, or in the Notification Center.

For Android this module will now be used instead of the now-discontinued “Client Window Pop-Up” module. Push mobile notifications in Android can appear in their usual form: as an icon in status bar, as a more explicit notification in the notification drawer, as a floating window over other apps (heads-up notification) in unlocked phone (ringtones and vibration for Android version 7.1 and lower), as notifications on the secure lock screen, or as a colored “notification badge” (a “notification dot”) on the app launcher icon.

The module is available in Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro editions.

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