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Organizing a CCTV system in the impound lot

Organizing CCTV system in the impound lot

Xeoma smart video surveillance software includes a lot of functions, both basic (online viewing of cameras, archiving, motion detection) and those based on artificial intelligence technology (recognition of face, license plate, different objects, medical masks detection and many others). The program is used in various spheres of life, from homes to factories. One such area where an intelligent video surveillance system can be effectively applied is an impound lot. Here are some usual and unusual ways video surveillance can be used in this area.

Ensuring security

The key task of any video surveillance system at any enterprise is to maintain order and security measures. With the help of Xeoma basic modules included in any of the program modes (from free to commercial) you can monitor the impound lot, view cameras online, watch recordings, and set zones where no people should appear in the “Motion Detector” settings, as well as the time (for example, at night when the parking lot is closed to visitors).

Intelligence modules

License plate recognition. An important part of the impound lot daily operations is keeping records of license plates of cars towed in. However, the paperwork and filling out the necessary documents can be time-consuming, especially if several cars are brought to the impound lot at the same time. Thanks to the “ANPR” module, you no longer need to waste time manually registering license plates. Install a camera at the entrance of the impound lot and connect this module. Xeoma will automatically recognize license plates and save them in a CSV report. The data can be uploaded to the special website, so you can let car owners know which impound lot their car was taken to.

Automation of the checkpoint. In addition to the “ANPR Recognition” module, you can connect the “HTTP Request Sender” module and create pass and block lists of license plates. When a license plate from the pass list is recognized, for example a tow truck, the barrier at the entrance to the impound lot will automatically open. Check the list of supported countries.

Parking spots. To help tow trucks find out in advance whether there are free spots in an impound lot, thus preventing them from wasting time looking for a free space, use the “Parking Spots” module. It analyzes the impound lot and identifies the availability of free or occupied spots. This information can be broadcast on a separate scoreboard at the entry to the impound lot. The module “HTTP Request Sender” can be used for connecting the program to the scoreboard. It works with all devices that accept http requests.

Face recognition. The impound lot is a place that requires constant guarding. The huge number of cars often attracts car thieves. Add the “Face Recognition” module to your Xeoma system. With it, you can train the system to remember the faces of employees who are allowed to be in the impound lot. If an unauthorized person is detected, the system will immediately report it to the security point. You can also set up different notification methods, such as mobile notifications, which can be used in case the guard is on a scheduled round of the territory and cannot monitor what is happening on the computer screen.

Vehicle speed detector. In any parking it is important to observe the speed limit. To control the speed of cars add the “Vehicle Speed Detector” module to the chain. In its settings, you can set the maximum allowed speed of the car within the parking area. If drivers violate the speed limit, the program will send a notification about it.

Live streaming. To save car owners from worrying about the safety of their cars, use the “Streaming to YouTube” module that will help broadcast the CCTV camera image online on your website or YouTube channel. With a tool like live streaming, you can keep your company’s reputation high.

There are dozens of ways cutting-edge video surveillance can help in impound lots. With the help of Xeoma video surveillance software you can automate a lot of processes at the impound lot, improve security of the site, as well as greatly increase the effectiveness of the company operations. Learn more about Xeoma and get a free trial here.

December, 22 2021

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