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6 reasons why you should use video surveillance in a service center

Video surveillance in a service center of any kind can be successfully utilized for better results

A service center is a place where a customer can get repair or consultancy for some goods. A service center might be a branch of the goods vendor, or it might be an outsourcing company that has contracts with many vendors to provide assistance to that vendor’s customers. The front-end service center might be in the same building as the actual repair store, or they might be separated.

The terms of such partnership might vary but one is unchangeable: the place must match the brand’s high standards of customer care. The quality level generates new sales, new profits for both parties of this business.

Video surveillance in service centers is used more often every day. The reason behind this popularity is that it helps accomplish many goals, and help the center get more profits. Let’s see what video surveillance in a service center can do.

1. Anti-burglar system
One of the most popular reasons of video surveillance installation in service centers is of course enhancement of safety system. Video surveillance systems have this proactive prevention effect that, simply put, goes like ‘crimes and fraud are rare in places with cameras’.

Anti-burglar video cameras help both in reception and in the back-end repair area itself where staff frequently works with expensive items that cost hundreds of dollars and sometimes are left in the shop overnight. Imagine leaving Rolex watches, Stradivarius violin, a latest-generation smart phone, or a Ferrari unattended! Besides, if the repaired items in some cases can be locked in a safe box, expensive equipment usually cannot be as it is quite massive and non-transportable.

What to use: Universal Camera + Scheduler + Motion Detector + E-Mail notifications and recording to off-site NAS or Cloud.
Depending on the threat nature, Face Recognition, Smoke Detector, Loitering Detector, Sound Detector can be used with or instead of Motion Detector.
Detector of Abandoned Items is a contemporary routine anti-terrorism measure that can save lives.

2. Public image and Media
Tired of stereotypes that repair and service centers are full of mean workers with dirty oily hands? Show the world that it doesn’t have to be so. Embed a live broadcasting to your website showing clean and light roomy space in your point of service.

What to use: Universal Camera + Web Server to embed live camera picture to your website.

Xeoma video surveillance software can be used in a service center for online broadcasting to show the world how great it is

3. Quality control
Do you own a service center shop and want to be always in tune with how it is doing, even when you’re not there? A picture says more than 1000 words, as the proverb says. Peek into a camera and get the full unbiased insight into what is going on – how long the waiting lines are, how polite your staff act, how clean and convenient it is for customers, and many other subtle factors influencing the popularity of your business, and your profits.

What to use: Universal Camera + Web Server for 24/7 access through any browser (including on mobile phones) or client-to-server connection. Destination and filter modules as per your needs. For example, Face Detector (Emotions) to see if workers are polite enough when working with clients.

4. Employee work time
If you pay workers on a per hour basis, you naturally want to know if they are really working all the time or if they spend half that time chatting at the water cooler. This too helps you make the business more profitable: if you can see that a worker is free most of the time it’s time to look for more orders, or some other work they could do (like inventory works, or customer care training) to help the business grow, thus helping you raise their salaries when it does.

What to use: Universal Camera + Web Server for 24/7 access through any browser (including on mobile phones).
Universal Camera + Smart Card reader (or QR code reader) for reading the access cards and having the system automatically calculate if workers arrive at work in time and don’t leave early.

5. Incident investigation
Modern businesses just have to have evidence in case of allegations or accusations from customers. Let’s face it: sometimes we forget what exactly was said, customers can mix things up, forget what you told them about terms of service, etc., and it’s important to have evidence to resolve the situation. It’s just a matter of time when this kind of conflict happens so you should think in advance: security cameras are a necessity for reception area that works with customers and sometimes has to provide evidence against allegations of various kinds.

What to use: Universal Camera with sound (or Microphone module) + Preview and Archive for continuous recording. Scheduler or Day Detector for recording in business hours only.

6. Raising profits
Another way to raise profits of your establishment, be it a service center or any other business, is to permanently be on the lookout for possible weak points that can be promptly improved.
With modern video surveillance you can get an overview of clientele that visits your place, and offer improvements based on that information. In any high competitive niche any information helps, and any advantage over competitors can help get thousands of happy returning customers.

For example, with Visitors Counter or “Cross-Line Detector” you can have reports on popularity of the center per days or hours (and mitigate long waiting lines in a timely manner, for example). With “Face Detector (Emotions)” you can track how satisfied (or dissatisfied!) visitors are with the service provided.

Tip: In newer versions of Xeoma an ONVIF Detector module is available with which you can engage the camera’s onboard video analytics or reactions. You can try it in Xeoma’s trial edition.

As you can see, there is plenty of reasons to install video surveillance in a service center, each one weighty enough to get the system installed at your place of business. Especially now that the CCTV like Xeoma software is affordable, tidy to install, and easy to operate – and brings you the advances of artificial intelligence and professional video analytics.

15 November, 2019

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