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Do you need to have a software product created?

Are you looking for a long term collaboration in development and maintaining
of your software products in multimedia areas (2D, 3D graphics, video, Internet and games)?

Here are the benefits of partnership with Felenasoft company:

  • top quality development of your product, with professional-looking user interface and quality internal structure;
  • continuous maintenance of the released product including features enhancements and last level support;
  • just $90/hour price tag;
  • shortened development time – saving of your own time and money.

The company quality of outsourcing software development is maintained by:

  • multi-year skilled software developers;
  • close team interaction that prevents loss on communications between team members;
  • agile/iterative development with modern practices (scrum, tdd, unit testing, xp, refactoring and so on);
  • cross-platform development in C++ for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, etc;
  • using 2 week iterations, full testing, full daily progress reporting and builds for your control;
  • internal management with daily communication, so you always know an actual status and progress;
  • issue/bug tracking, revision control system, morning/daytime and overnight email communications;
  • great experience in understanding business and customers needs (many finished successful end-user products for our clients);
  • strong programming skills allow us to realize the most difficult projects that most of others cannot;
  • always looking for improving your ideas and selecting best solutions;
  • saving your time on details and management by converting even a raw untechnical idea into a software product.

We are working both with clients who have no technical background in outsourcing software development area and professional
software development companies, so you can be sure we do speak the same language about any project.

If you need lower cost and high quality for your software products, consider our company.
We have been developing software for many companies since 2004 year (most of company clients are from USA, but also from Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Denmark) – please review some of our projects made here. The portfolio includes two software products for video surveillance, 3D cloud tomography,
3D video editing software plugins, biofeedback games, VoIP/SIP services, medical facility services, etc.

Most of our outsourcing software development projects are related to 3D graphics, GPU and video processing
for the most popular operation systems: desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile (Android and iOS).

Surely you will agree that it is impossible to replace the first floor in an already built skyscraper.
It is the same in developing software products. It is easier to continuously enhance the software without the need to rewrite it. Thus we keep the internal architecture of code strong,
designing clear structure and always adapting it (on-time refactoring, redesign on changes,
unit testing for catching errors, improving usability of user interface, etc.)
according to your product requirements and changes.
Strong internal quality of source code allows to minimize mistakes, makes changes easy,
minimizes budget for outsourcing software development, time for changes and improves overall user satisfaction.

If you are familiar with programming terms, these words will speak for themselves confirming our professionalism:

  • scrum,
  • agile practices,
  • extreme programming,
  • refactoring,
  • design patterns,
  • pair-programming,
  • unit testing,
  • TDD,
  • UI and OS/server level programming,
  • cross-platform C++,
  • GPU/shaders,
  • continuous learning of new technologies,
  • gaining information on methodologies and best practices,
  • 40h/week working time to avoid tiredness,
  • flexible work schedule,
  • friendly work environment,
  • comfortable location of office (center of the city),
  • table tennis room,
  • own kitchen,
  • cafeteria
  • and other benefits making work effective.

We are located in Kaliningrad, Russia (in the center of Europe, in the vicinity of Germany on Baltic sea) that allows us to have lesser time zone difference (from your morning till almost end of your work day) and lower rates of development.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions. We will be glad to help you to decide about
possibility of our collaboration, to consult you on possible implementations of your ideas, etc.

With best wishes,

Alexander Feldman

Felenasoft company