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Xeoma video surveillance software OEM/ODM, customization and rebranding

This is a unique special offer for installers and resellers!

If you resell or plan to resell Xeoma video surveillance software, why not add some info about your company into it?

Xeoma OEM/ODM, customization and rebranding is easy with our free of charge utility. This utility can be used for rebranding of Xeoma to have a different name, customization to have your company’s address, support business hours, links to your site, etc.

Seize this opportunity for this totally free OEM/ODM, customization and rebranding of Xeoma! Thanks to customization, Xeoma will not just be a program that is tailored for your customers’ needs but also reminds them about your company!

Download the utility: Download

This is a Windows .exe file that will let you customize Xeoma for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OSs. You are free to use any or all of the options. For iOS you can use our already customized version with generic name.

Having troubles trying to make it work? Check out our new step-by-step guide on using the free OEM/ODM, customization and rebranding utility.