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Video surveillance system in the bank


Today it is impossible to imagine a large organization without a centralized video surveillance system, and for banks whose main activity is to ensure the safety and security of people’s savings, the presence of such systems is critically important. The video surveillance installation helps to optimize employees’ work, to get loyal customers and to develop business, as well as to ensure the safety of property.

Video surveillance systems in the bank should meet the main criterion – reliability and security from external interference. Video surveillance systems should prevent and suppress illegal activities, and with Xeoma, security protection is provided at the highest level. Studies have shown that even the most attentive operator can not keep in view more than 20 cameras at a time and watch them for more than half an hour. Intellectual modules are very helpful for video surveillance operators. Xeoma is able to notice long queues, abandoned objects, count visitors, recognize license plates, faces (for example, from the blacklist of criminals), smoke and other abnormal situations and send notifications to the operator. Moreover, Xeoma can easily be integrated with the unified bank security system, including ACS.


Video surveillance installation in the bank for customer service monitoring

Work with clients is an essential part of every bank’s everyday work. Xeoma offers a wide range of tools that help improve the efficiency of the banking department that works with customers:

  • Video and sound capture

  • Traditionally, video surveillance installation has been used in all organizations dealing with money circulation for post-incident investigation and identification of a criminal who robbed the bank, vandalized its property, or did other criminal acts. Later on, video surveillance has become a failure guarantee in getting away with the robbery so it has grown into a preventive measure – potential evil-doers tried to avoid banks where video surveillance had been installed, and preferred to find an easier place to loot. To this day, the video evidence function of video surveillance in banks is giving customers and workers a sense of security, and driving off people looking for an easy prey.

    Video surveillance systems with Xeoma can also capture and process audio – sound might be coming from USB and IP microphones or those embedded into cameras. The sound stream can also be used for intellectual analysis to detect potential danger. See more below.

  • Visitors counter

  • The visitors counter tool provides the information on the number of customers who have entered the bank. The data can be used to estimate the bank’s effectiveness: for example, by calculating percentage of those who did not make any transactions. This information will help in analyzing the services offered by the bank, and will be useful for personnel management, as well as for planning the opening of new offices or closing the existing ones.

  • Getting rid of queues

  • No one likes to wait in today’s dynamic world. Long waiting time, queues will probably have a negative effect on your banking business. The “Crowd Detector” feature will detect queues in operating room as well as at the ATM to help you avoid losing clients. Alerts about exceeding the pre-set level of the queue will allow you to quickly take action and solve the problem (for example, provide more self-help machines and encourage customers to use them). To exclude the fixation of confidential information by camcorders (for example, PIN-code), the module “Privacy masking” is provided in Xeoma – after all, protection and safety (personal data included) is the main task of any video surveillance systems.

  • Compliance with safety regulations

  • In places like banks it is of utmost importance to comply with fire safety regulations. Banking means work with lots of paper, and with negligence it is very possible to catch on fire. The Smoke Detector in Xeoma video surveillance systems has the “Fire detection” add-on powered by artificial intelligence so it can detect either smoke or fire in an area – a waiting hall or offices. It relies on analysis of the camera image rather than traditional sensors, and can be used as a double protection measure with regular smoke sensors.

  • Anticipate and prevent

  • Prevention of a disaster is much more economical than dealing with consequences. Camera systems with Xeoma can spot suspicious behavior or signs of potential danger and urge you to take actions before a conflict unfolds into a disaster.

    xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 The Emotions Detector can spot “bad” patterns in someone’s mood and engage security to track the person for other signs of potential danger.

    xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 Face Recognition can use the city surveillance systems’ or its own database to spot a person wanted by the police or someone who has been previously caught causing troubles, and keep an eye on them.

    xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 Sound recognition will notify authorized personnel or call the police if it recognizes screams or gunshots. Alternatively, with a simpler sound detector, the system can react to high levels of sound volume that can be a signal of a stressful environment and tension.

    xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 The Abandoned Object Detector can spot a bag or a box (or any other object) that was left unattended in the waiting hall or at the entrance and can be potential source of danger.

    xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 The Slip and Fall Detector can notice if a customer has fainted or felt dizzy and fallen down – even in the room full of people – quickly notifying the appointed staff member or dispatching help.

    Last but not least: during the pandemic it is outstandingly important to abide by the anti-coronavirus safety regulations and put all necessary measures in place to provide a safe-for-health environment for your staff and customers.
    The following tools are available in a video surveillance system based on Xeoma software to help combat and suppress the spread COVID-19 and other infectious diseases:

  • Live mask detector
  • Live social distance detector
  • Visitors counter and stay time calculator
  • Fever recognition
  • And even more!
  • See more about anti-coronavirus solutions of Xeoma video surveillance software here


    Behind the scenes: video surveillance in banks’ service areas

    Video surveillance goes a long way to provide security and safety to customers as well as employees. However, video surveillance systems are more than that: with artificial intelligence power the camera vision can be used for business optimization and processes automation. Contemporary video surveillance systems like Xeoma offer hundreds of features that can be used in departments with no access of outsiders:

    xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 The Face ID double authentication. Each bank has authorized-personnel-only areas or rooms access to which is limited to a number of staff members. Video surveillance systems can be used there for bio metrics access that compares the face in camera’s sight with the face in the pass that is used to open the door. The solution has anti-fraud measures employed, so only a person from the pass will be able to get past the all-seeing eye of the video surveillance system. Thanks to abundant tools and interfaces such system can integrate with locks, gateways, turnpikes, and other common appliances.

    xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 The above mentioned Smoke and Fire detection will be as useful in the banks quarters as in the operations hall. Most companies have a strict no-smoking-on-premises policy, and the video cameras can be used to detect if staff members are breaking the rules while they think no one sees.

    xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 Loitering detector can be used for analysis of work productivity: it can help estimate how much time is spent by staff members outside of their work places. Speaking of productivity estimation for example in a bank’s call center, a simple motion detector in Xeoma can detect absence of motion in a selected area thus giving away workers who leave their work places during the day for a long time.

    Have you noticed that workers who love their job are far more productive than those who don’t? In a group of co-workers bad attitude can be contagious thus spoiling many people’s potential to work better. It’s important to work with the employees spirits before the mood spreads. The Emotions recognition can help with that.
    And once again, the sense of security that video surveillance systems bring will help workers focus on productive work.

  • Centralization

  • Another point that the video surveillance systems must meet is the capability to collect and analyze the consolidated data. With Xeoma’s multi-server mode, the video recordings will be rapidly checked, and overall picture will be formed for all offices in which the single notification system for abnormal situations is working – this is not a full list of reasons why video surveillance systems in the bank should be centralized.


    Video surveillance in banks: premises security

    Like many other organizations, banks quite frequently own the territory surrounding the bank’s building. These premises are used for loading and unloading cash-in-transit trucks, and for day-to-day operations like parking of employees’ and customers’ vehicles. Sometimes these three are separated and employ different levels of access control.

    For high-security operations, the AI-based license plates recognition can be used on everyday basis. The LPR can see an incoming vehicle, recognize its license plate, and compare it to numbers from a white list (for example, list of license plates belonging to employees or authorized service vehicles) or a black list (for example, based on information from the police on convicted bank robbers’ vehicles). State-of-the-art license plate recognition solutions in Xeoma are affordable and work with camera’s real-time stream.

    A license plate recognition system can work in tandem with external traffic control equipment like parking ticket machines or automated driveway barrier that lifts the gate upon seeing a vehicle from a white list. In Xeoma, synchronization with external devices and systems can be carried out in various ways: by sending http commands, launching a script or program, by triggering GPIO pins in ARM architecture machines, or controlling a device that works through a Modbus protocol.

    Also in Xeoma: Parking spots module will send automated notifications when the video surveillance system detects changing the selected spot’s status from “empty” to “occupied” and in reverse.


    Security and statistics solution for ATMs

    Unlike a bank’s lobby where there is always someone to watch over the equipment, automated teller machines (ATMs) are routinely to be found in places with lower passability which means they are left completely unattended at times. Such stranded machines might be selected by villains for any kinds of money frauds or false claims. Luckily, video surveillance systems can be installed inside an ATM to capture both actions of a person on screen and the person too. This way the bank will have video evidence for investigation or quick detection of a potential threat. Xeoma video surveillance systems can work on a vast range of operating systems and have very low requirements of hardware. Besides, there are very affordable editions in Xeoma so it will not add much to the machine’s cost.

    xeoma_software_advices There are additional modules available for Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro licenses, such as “Face recognition (artificial intelligence)”, “Objects recognizer”, “Face ID”, “Search by photo”, “Emotions recognition”, “Smart card reader” and more.

    More information in this article: Additional modules in Xeoma.

    As you can see, the world of video surveillance in a bank is immense and offers dozens of solutions to solve the following tasks in banks:

  • provision of a safer environment that encourages customers to make more visits, and helps employees work more productively;
  • securing a bank’s property and premises;
  • collection of video evidence for incident investigation;
  • analysis of a bank branch productivity, profitability and relevance; increase of service levels;
  • optimization of employees’ work;
  • automation of processes like access control;
  • prediction of conflicts or threats, and aiding in elimination of them;
  • facilitating in compliance with fire safety or anti-covid regulations.
  • And much more than that! Contact us to get to know more!

    May, 10 2018, updated: February, 18 2021

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