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How can CCTV help to increase school security?

How deploying video surveillance system may help to increase school security?

School security, as well as security in general, has become a crucial issue lately. Being traditionally considered as a second home for children, a safe place to be where they do learn about life, the world in general and etc., schools do not seem to be that secure anymore. Well, if the onslaught of on-campus criminal behavior and the horrendous episodes of violence are any indication. Sexual predators, vandalism and school shootings are some tremendous products of the society and time we live in, but with a good surveillance system, you can prevent your school, or your children, from falling victim.

That being sad, it is easy to understand the growth of interest in school security these days. CCTV security cameras has become a usual fact of life, so why not to use it for the sake of school security?

The first question that usually comes to most people’s minds is whether it pertinent enough to have CCTV security cameras in schools? Our children surely are not our property and we have to respect their freedom, but school security is definitely too important to pay much attention to all those freedom watchwords.

Opting for school security cameras does not mean spying on children. Security systems are not about watching an every move of one given child and setting audio surveillance. But setting a simple and effective CCTV security cameras system of a certain size (depends on a schoolhouse size and territory to be covered) may be a significant step in increasing school security and children safety.

Not only the school authorities and guards will be able to monitor the visitors, track various kinds of unacceptable student’s behavior and have compelling evidence in case something bad happens. School security system will also allow to control students and employees truancy and provide the school assets and valuables (like computers, sound equipment, trophies and books) safety. School security means also the security of students and employees at the parking lot, late at night and during early morning hours.

Before choosing school CCTV security cameras be sure to consider the following:

  • What might be the most likely (according to your opinion or your neighborhood situation) security threat?
  • What are the places that already have become spots of crime or misbehavior? Or where are the places where students like to gather? Ex., lockers, school yards etc.
  • What valuables would you like to be able to monitor at any time? (Special equipment, monitors, students’ and employees’ cars)
  • How many entrances do you have? Consider also the number of cameras you need to place outside.
  • What are your state privacy regulations? Are there any restrictions on using video surveillance?

School budgets are stretched to the limits, and deployment of a CCTV security cameras system for school security may seem pricey. But in fact, schools may actually save money by implementing CCTV systems. Reduced crime within the school may help to reduce insurance premiums, insurance claims and allow the school faculty to focus on its job rather than deterring school violence and crime.

Moreover, there are many ways to save on establishing CCTV security cameras system for school security. There is no need to turn to a special security agency. Xeoma video surveillance software is more than affordable and allows creating a CCTV system of any kind and size within hours. Read more of our articles that will surely help you on your way of creating a school security cameras system – https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/articles/. One of such articles is “DIY video surveillance system” that might be useful in establishing a school security system.

20 November 2013