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Video surveillance at the assisted living home

Xeoma for assisted living residence An assisted living home is a place where trained personnel takes care of elderly people, those who are not capable of living on their own anymore. In most cases, families are concerned about how strangers will treat their loved ones. It’s not easy to entrust them even to trained staff.

So, how could we help assisted living home to gain trust among clients? It’s very easy to achieve in the modern world. For instance, with the help of our video surveillance relatives can get remote access to the cameras located in an assisted living home.

Video surveillance will help you with the following tasks:

  • To gain client’s trust by demonstrating service quality;
  • To enhance personnel productivity;
  • To analyze patients’ behavior and emotional state;
  • To prevent emergencies;
  • To ensure patients and staff safety;
  • To automate processes;
  • Xeoma can cope with all of these and other tasks. Taking care of elderly people requires particular attentiveness, the staff sometimes is not capable of keeping up with the load, but the surveillance system knows no rest and comes to help right in time to notify you.

    xeoma for assisted living residence and long term care

    Assisted living home: What Xeoma can do for you:

  • To gain clients’ trust by providing relatives with remote access to their close one’s room and also to the main hall and other places of gathering.
  • Patient’s checks up are run at the same time and you need to control it? You can include your staff members to a Face Recognition database, this way you’ll know who proceeded with the check-up, when and whether the meal was on time.

    With the help of this module, you’ll also be able to add relatives to the database in order to control visits to the assisted living home and its territory. In case you have a security checkpoint you can use Face Recognition module + Face Id to automate the process.

    In case relatives arrive by car the gates can be opened automatically because in a License plate recognition module you can create a white-list for the cars of visitors and staff.

  • The emotional state of elderly peopleis as important as everyday care for them. Intellectual module Face Recognition (Emotions) will notify personnel in a case when some kind of emotion was detected on face (fear, sadness, anger, surprise, etc.). You can save data in .csv report.
  • Having trouble with patients who are not following rules and for example get up when it’s forbidden? Cross-line detector will help you out in such situations. Connect Sending Email, SMS sending, or Sound alarm module to it, this way your personnel will get notifications and act fast.

    Also assisted living home very often has cases of elderly people fainting, in such emergencies you have to hurry with first aid, Detector of abandoned objects will be very useful as it detects not only object but people that remain moveless for some period of time on the floor. You can choose the detection zone and time for sending notifications. Starting from version Xeoma 20.30.11, Xeoma has the Slip and Fall detector designed or this purpose: the module is able to recognize even a fall from a chair, as well as an incomplete fall if a person slipped and fell from a small height or lost consciousness and slid down the wall.

  • Privacy of elderly people cannot be violated. Places where specific procedures are done can be blurred with the help of Privacy masking.
  • Sound Events Detector will lower the stress level in the moments when you hear a scream because you don’t need to check on every room, you will already know where the sound is coming from and who is in this room. The module also detects broken glass (e.g. window).

    In conclusion, with Xeoma video surveillance you’ll achieve the following:

    1) Remote access to the cameras

    2) Easy territory access control

    3) Deeper emotional state monitoring

    4) Fast emergencies detection

    5) Respect clients’ privacy

    The personnel workload at the assisted living homes is very heavy, the working process is hard enough and requires responsibility. But Xeoma will make your life a lot easier.

    Thanks to Xeoma personnel will be more attentive to details and your clients will have more trust in you and your service as they will always have up-to-date information.

    Give the surveillance system a try! Contact us if you have any ideas on how else to implement Xeoma into the assisted living home, or in case you have a question about our licenses and modules.

    October 27, 2020

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