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Full-price CCTV solutions vs. CCTV rental

CCTV solutions have long ceased being to be a privilege only available to exclusive societies. Nowadays the cameras can be seen not just in mega corporations but also in sites that have previously been considered as too small to bother with video surveillance: places like public transportation vehicles, educational institutions, city halls, ATM machines. Today we can see coffee stands and ice cream vans equipped with at least a camera.

There are 2 main reason for this well-earned popularity:

Renting CCTV solutions might be more economical than using regular video surveillance systems

First of all, CCTV solutions are growing increasingly simpler. There is a variety of systems ready to work out-of-the-box that make handling video surveillance easy like playing with a children’s toy. And as enjoyable, too. Any manager of a store or other business can order a camera online and get the basic surveillance functionality and analytics, and connect it to the existing network in a couple of simple steps.

Secondly, CCTV solutions are not nearly as expensive as they used to be. Thank competition for that. With inexpensive Asian produce flooding the market, even big fat brands have to adapt to survive – and find ways to stay competitive in such extreme environment. The result for us, consumers, are various low-budget CCTV solutions.

This evolved into the new long-waited-for principle – CCTV rental.

There are many companies that offer test licenses to their solutions so that potential buyers can test if the solution fits them.
If some cases however a longer testing period than offered is required. In other cases it’s not clear from the beginning if the project is going to be successful.
In all these situations CCTV rental would be the most economical solution.

CCTV rental might prove more economical than fully paid CCTV solutions

Just imagine: your organization would like to create your cloud video surveillance service and sell it to clients. Rather than invest 100% of the resources from the beginning, it’s sometimes wiser to start out small with a trial project to acknowledge if it brings enough demand and profit. CCTV rental is exactly what situations like that asked for. When the trial project proves to be a success, it may be safely extended with full investment capacity.

CCTV rental also comes in form of the so called VSaaS (video surveillance as a service, also called the Cloud video surveillance).
In this scenario the video cameras are virtually connected to the service provider’s machine to process and store on their side – for a monthly payment. Usually such VSaaS only offer basic functionality but there are solutions with advanced features and video analytics.

How to rent Xeoma?

All in all, CCTV rental is a brilliant alternative to the 100% prepayment-based CCTV solutions: paying by installments can help you minimize initial spending and keep the dynamics of the project’s profitability under strict control with quick reaction.

25 May 2018

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