Xeoma: ready-to-operate video surveillance system

If you are looking for a ready-to-operate video surveillance system, whether for personal or business use, Xeoma will be a perfect choice.

Xeoma is video surveillance software of the new generation. It utilizes contemporary progressive technologies to provide robust features and unprecedented performance in small and big video surveillance systems.

Ready-to-operate video surveillance systems with Xeoma

System requirements: Almost any equipment can be used. Xeoma is not resource-hungry and works with any types of cameras, on all major operating systems.

99% of cameras in the world supported (more than 434 brands).
Can be installed on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, single board mini computers, and TV sets. Supported are all major operating systems – Windows, Mac OS, Linux (Intel and ARM architecture), Android (full version, not just client). Apps for iOS and Android smartphones. Also a browser interface that works on all devices, in any browser.

Free rebranding: With Xeoma and its free rebranding you can create your own ready-to-operate video surveillance solutions.

Features: More than 100 features including professional ones like face recognition, vehicle license plate reading, loitering detection, abandoned items detection, etc. See more
We keep track of the technology recent explorations, and features are added dynamically.

Interface is so user-friendly and intuitive that no staff training is required. Xeoma is ready to operate right after download with the equipment you already have.

Affiliate program for dealers, manufacturers and VS engineers: Partner program offers personal conditions for beneficial distribution of Xeoma, all-round consulting, help with integration into your products. Something missing in Xeoma? Let us know and we’ll add it!

How to start: Interested in becoming our partner? Click here to learn more!