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Using Home Surveillance for Paranormal Activity

Are ghosts real? Is there such a thing as paranormal activity? Many have asked themselves this throughout history and many have stories of paranormal activity. Now we live in a digital age and we may be getting closer to finally getting definitive proof of the existence of the paranormal.

Surveillance and security in schools, hospitals, roads, restaurants and now homes is creating a new and massive data store of archival data. You would expect that if indeed there were physical representations of the supernatural, that this constant monitoring would catch a few on film.

This phenomena is catching on as ”ghost hunters,” and frightened home dwellers have started setting up constant surveillance to either put their own and families minds at ease or catch a piece of history and exploit it for money and fame. The popular franchise films Paranormal Activity fed off this piece of surveillance and made 6 successful films to date.

Xeoma is a perfect home monitoring and surveillance solution if you feel you may have an otherworldly presence invading your space. Three main features make it an attractive option for tracking supernatural phenomena. Motion detection with highly adjustable parameters, PTZ Tracking, and notifications of every sort make this an ideal software at an attractive price point to begin your quest for ghost busting.

The motion detection lets you highlight specific portions of the screen that you want to monitor in case you have felt a consistent “cold spot”. There is also the option to set a minimum and maximum object size to either eliminate false positives or increase the ghost “dust” you see. I am convinced in the popular TV series on SyFy called Ghost Hunters, nearly all of their “evidence” comes from setting up cameras and making dust or fly blurs come off as ghosts. Fun thing to scare your family if you just are not finding what you are looking for.

PTZ Tracking can integrate with motion detection to lock on the object or “ghost” and follow it. This is especially useful in those cases where you just catch the activity in the corner of the screen and hear sounds off screen but cannot see what is going on. With PTZ tracking, the software utilizes the pan and tilt and sometimes zoom to lock onto the object and follow it until the motion stops. Albeit this can be creepy if you are in the room and have the camera following you, but thankfully there is a scheduling module so you can just turn it on when you know people are not present. Well at least people from this physical world.


So how do you know an event occurs? The notifications in Xeoma are fully fleshed and have many options to make sure you are aware of your otherworldly intruder. You can use email which has many pre-configured public email systems including gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, and many others including manual SMTP setup. However, that will not get you up in the middle of the night. For that, they also have an SMS module. It includes all of the major SMS as service providers so you can get a text message when a ghost is haunting you or your loved ones.

So even if you do not have a hankering to become the latest ghost buster, having home surveillance is always a good idea. But on the chance you capture a creepy crawly, please post it and share it with the world so we can get to the bottom of whether or not things go bump in the night. If you are interested, just google “surveillance footage ghosts” and you will find a whole world out there of alleged paranormal activity caught on film.


February, 9 2017

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