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Can I organize a video surveillance system at my store using Xeoma?

Xeoma video surveillance software is successfully used in many spheres of life: in factories, at trade points, in apartments and many others.

However, most often video surveillance can be found at stores and trade points, as these places require increased attention to security. Xeoma can be used not only as a software for storing and viewing recordings from CCTV cameras, but also for preventing theft and fire as well as for improving and automating different processes: receiving goods, controlling store assortment.

Another advantage of using Xeoma at a store is the possibility to do market research which will help you in further organizing the work of the store. For example, you can use the “Visitors Counter” module to identify the total number of customers for a specific period. To find out the number of unique customers, use the smart module “Face Recognition” together with the “Visitors Counter” module. Use the “Gender Recognition” and “Age Recognition” modules to classify visitors. To determine whether the client was satisfied with the provided services, you can add to the program the “Emotions Recognition” module, which will also be useful in monitoring the staff. As the owner, you can check the service provided to customers. Another useful module is the “Mask Detector“, which will monitor the compliance of employees and customers with sanitary measures, as well as alert the security about the absence of medical masks.

Thus, Xeoma may become a perfect assistant in organizing video surveillance at stores. Doing not only basic functions but also advanced ones.