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Camera embedded detector. Monitoring and automation.


Camera embedded detector in Xeoma


camera_embedded_detector_module_icon“Camera embedded detector” is a module in Xeoma that is available in the program starting from 19.11.26 version. This module is available in Standard and Pro editions.

The module is used to integrate detectors embedded in a camera in Xeoma through ONVIF protocol. Such integration will be helpful in terms of improving CCTV system through the use of different detectors built in a camera.


Automation by means of ‘Camera embedded detector’ in Xeoma

“Camera embedded detector” module allows adding detectors in Xeoma that are embedded in a camera through ONVIF. Such integration will be beneficial to increase productivity with the help of high-speed ONVIF protocol and add various detectors embedded in a camera for various processes automation and monitoring. Also, this module helps to reduce the CPU load because the main load is distributed on the camera, without giving load to the central processor. Now you can easily create enhanced and flexible video surveillance at an affordable price!

With the help of “Camera embedded detector” you can use a camera’s embedded detectors like motion, fire, cross-line, intrusion, lens obstruction, smoke, faces, license plates detectors and so on. In addition, you can also integrate external devices connected to the camera via ONVIF, such as smoke sensors, automatic doors, POS, gate barriers, different alarms etc. These devices will be available in Xeoma alongside camera’s built-in detectors and can be used in the software as well. Also, “Camera embedded detector” can work with thermal cameras and use camera’s embedded temperature detectors to recognize object’s temperature.

At the same time, a favorable and affordable price will help to implement the project cheaper, while obtaining a good and high-quality result. Since the ‘Camera embedded detector’ module is available in Xeoma Standard starting from 20.11.30 version, then the price for this module equals the price for Xeoma Standard license for 1 camera.

No special equipment required – regular commonly available off-shelf computers can be used.

Any OS is supported: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX etc.

Processes automation
High-speed connection via ONVIF protocol and automatic control! Now you can use both embedded camera’s detectors and external devices connected to the camera in Xeoma.
Any equipment
No special equipment required – regular commonly available off-shelf computers and cameras with available ONVIF protocol and embedded detectors can be used!
Easy 1-click configuration
Simple interface and fully automated work. You can choose all available detectors and devices connected to your camera through ONVIF!



Thanks to a simple interface and flexible configuration of “Camera embedded detector” module you can select the required detectors or external devices and configure the settings. As well as select the detection area.



xeoma_software_advices Starting from the version Xeoma 22.11.25, a camera’s built-in motion detector can be used instead of Xeoma’s right inside the Xeoma’s ‘Motion Detector’ module settings. This will help to shift some of the CPU load on to the camera’s side or to get an alternative detector if Xeoma’s doesn’t suit you for any reason.
  • Plants and factories
  • Industrial facilities
  • Main gate check points
  • Private residence
  • Airports
  • Stores
  • Business and shopping centers
  • Restaurants and other food services
  • Police stations
  • Public places

“Camera embedded detector” module can be used across a variety of scenarios: at factories/plants to protect the perimeter or automate the entrance of employees, at private residence or any other place that requires perimeter security.



ONVIF Camera embedded detector in Xeoma No special equipment is required. The module allows using camera’s embedded detector and distribute the load on the camera. So you can use any equipment, a camera with ONVIF protocol and Xeoma. Please check our Calculator


ONVIF Camera embedded detector in Xeoma Any camera with embedded detector or connected device and available streaming through ONVIF protocol will be suitable. You can choose any brand and model.


ONVIF Camera embedded detector in Xeoma Affordable price. Depending on the requirements and the desired result, you can choose either Xeoma Pro or Xeoma Standard licenses. Prices for Pro and Standard licenses can be checked here.




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November, 26 2020. Updated November, 25 2022

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