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Interested in partnership?

Thank you for taking an interest in Xeoma!

We are more than happy to welcome you as a partner. Xeoma should fit the needs of your customers quite well, as it works on any platform (Windows, Linux (ARM included), MacOS, Android, iOS) and provides easy access to 99% of all cameras.

As a partner, you are entitled to discounts. Discounts are based on payment method you choose.

Purchases via Bank transfer or card net you the highest discount – 30%.

Purchases via PayPal or MyCommerce give you slightly lower discount – 20%.

You can e.g. purchase licenses, inform us via email about your purchase and get 20% or 30% revenue with licenses.
Or you can use your personal admin page to generate licenses with discount yourself.

You can calculate the cost of license packages with an affiliate discount at this link. Please contact us to get your password to access your personal admin page.

Let us know what is most suitable for you.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, we are always happy to help! Contact us