Order a paid acceleration of Xeoma development

Is there any functionality missing in Xeoma? Do you want to implement a separate project based on Xeoma? Let us know.

Tell us what you need. Perhaps, the needed Xeoma feature is already under development or is planned to be implemented in the near future.

But even if the implementation of this feature has not yet been planned, you can order it in the framework of paid development acceleration program. Flexible pricing – see here.

Our team consists of experienced specialists – masters in different methodologies. Many years of experience in using modern flexible software development methodologies, focused specialization and low cost of services allow FelenaSoft company to offer every client the solution of any problems in the best possible quality and efficiently.

Attention: Xeoma improvements, including the ones upon the program of paid development acceleration, are available to all Xeoma users. This allows Xeoma to quickly develop simultaneously in several areas. Some parts of Xeoma’s extensive functionality have been developed specifically upon the program of paid development acceleration and are now available for you.


Flexible and affordable prices

Flexible in everything, our fee rates for custom feature development too offer various options depending on your needs:

  • Junior developer (2+ years experience) – $30 USD per hour,
  • Software engineers with the Middle level (5+ years experience) – $70 USD per hour,
  • Senior software engineers (10+ years of expertise) – $100 USD per hour,
  • QA+Sysops (qualified testing, system administration, etc.; 8+ years of expertise) – $60 USD per hour.
  • We can estimate the full cost of the project after you describe in details what exactly you want.

    If you choose to order a custom feature development in Xeoma from us, you will get a developer assigned that will attend to your project.
    Alternatively you can choose to work with any engineers available at the moment, for example if your project requires more of a “here and now” type of work. We provide either types.

    Number of engineers is limited. Please contact us to discuss if we will be able to work on your project.

    We can also take up urgent projects where we’d need to start urgently! Price for short notice projects is $160 USD per hour.


    We speak the same language with you

    Outsourcing development is simple. Our team will take all the technical issues upon themselves. You do not have to be a programmer to work with us. We work both with professional companies – software developers and professionals in other areas (“not technicians”) – so we will always find common ground with you.

    High quality

    Naturally, custom-made solutions is always higher-priced than mass products. Our software engineers are highly experienced qualified experts that take pride in and take responsibility for their work, and more often than not working with professionals is cheaper than remaking low-income students’ work, especially in the zeitnot (and there’s always time pressure in business, to be completely honest).

    Other advantage of work with us is that we care: if we see room for optimization when evaluating a task, we will certainly tell. That might help improve the resulting product, get rid of vulnerabilities and sometimes reduce the development cost. When working with us, you can ask to apply any changes at any stage of development even after the development is completed, and we can help you maintain the product.

    The main specialization of our company is the field of multimedia (2D and 3D graphics, video and audio processing, video surveillance, Internet services, medical systems, games).

    The high quality of the software development is confirmed by the time and successful projects, implemented by means of proven modern methodologies of flexible development.

    • superior skills of our programmers allow us to perform the most complex tasks, often beyond others’ strength;
    • flexible methodology development, daily builds, Scrum-iterations of the full cycle;
    • TDD, pair programming, code review, refactoring;
    • cross-platform development in C ++ and Java for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and others;
    • cohesive teams of professionals with many years of experience, with a constant exchange of experience;
    • two-week iterations of the full cycle, with full testing;
    • daily reports to the customer, intermediate versions to monitor the progress;
    • tickets (tasks) tracking, systems of revisions, automated assembly and testing;
    • team’s orientation to the needs of the customer’s business and his goals;
    • proactivity: we will always advise how to improve the project or interface, and how to choose the optimal solution;
    • fast iterative implementation – we will make the finished produtss even out of the “raw” idea;
    • support for the finished product, adding new features, technical support for users;
    • we achieve the simplicity (clarity), hiding the complexity inside, and constantly improving all aspects, including communication and users’ experience in interfaces.


    Finished products

    • Xeoma -cross-platform video surveillance system with a unique interface;
    • WebCam Looker — a video surveillance system with a flexible motion detector;
    • Medical system of processing 3 /4D images for radiologists;
    • Library of 3D effects for video;
    • Editor with 3D text animation for video;
    • Framework for creating multimedia applications;
    • Audio/video karaoke;
    • Processing video in GPU;
    • A system of records creation and analysis of medical supervision for the patients;
    • Video recording of hockey games, tracking of players, broadcasting and records viewing;
    • Internet video player with a library for subscribers;
    • Universal video clips loader;
    • Game applications and simulators with biopotential control technology;
    • Evaluation of heart rate with the help of iPhone;
    • Auto racing game for Android;
    • System for the collection and visualization of GPS data, recording videos for racing drivers.

    and others.

    If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us – we are always glad to answer your questions, advise on the possibility of implementation and choose the best option.