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Remote desktop control in video surveillance software Xeoma

Staff activity monitoring by means of remote desktop control in Xeoma video security softwareDid you ever think about what your employees do when you are not at the office? Sure, you did! Staff activity monitoring is one of the trickiest problems most managers have to deal with.

Maybe it is fine to make short breaks every 2 hours and to distract yourself from the complex tasks you are working at. But to take a break from work to have a chat with friends on social media doesn’t seem to be alright.

Remote desktop control is one of the best solutions of this problem. Using remote desktop control of your local network, especially in a hidden mode, you will get the whole real picture of your staff activity. Your staff will have no idea you are watching them and have access to their PC remotely, so you will be able to understand how much time they dedicate to work and how much paid time they just waste.

Xeoma video security software provides a great option of not only setting a video surveillance system, but also of setting a constant remote desktop control in a hidden (stealth) mode. It is just as easy as setting any other module. Add the “Screen capture” module to your modules chain and adjust it to your needs.

Remote desktop control in Xeoma video security software helps conduct staff activity monitoring easilyThe system will not give itself away by sending notifications or alarms, unless you need it to, and apart from taking the screenshots of what an employee is doing on the machine, it can show the face of a person who is working on it, or background.

Remote desktop control feature can also be useful to check if your staff is honest, what concerns financial side of work. As you can check all the manipulations being made on a machine and monitor all the actions, you can define dishonesty and any kind of theft right away. For instance, you have a small cash business. By using a remote desktop control module you can check what an employee was doing at any time and how many orders he or she processed during the shift. Also, there’s another module that can be useful in terms of cash operations – “HTTP Marking” – the module can be integrated with cashier registers and add dynamic text overlay from your POS (point of sale) device on recorded files. This way you can have a log of all operations.

By means of Xeoma screen capture option you can accomplish staff activity monitoring without any effort. By receiving screenshots mailed to you at any time of the day or viewing what’s going on live, you can analyze the overall situation, employee’s productivity and effectiveness, and also prevent money loss and stealing.

June, 3 2013 Updated: March, 2 2021

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