Why there is no image from camera in Xeoma

Sometimes a camera is found in Xeoma, and when you open the settings for the camera you have the stream in the upper right corner. It does identify the stream correctly regarding resolution and FPS and such. But in that corner is the only place where it presents the stream.

Please check if the Universal camera module is connected to any destination modules. Otherwise it will take the picture from the camera but does not show it on screen. To get the picture on screen – connect Universal camera (directly or indirectly) to Preview and Archive module.


Another possible reason for displaying issues might be having a big gap between the client’s version and the server’s version. We do not recommend to connect that way, as it can cause compatibility issues. Please download a matching version for the client here: https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/changes/


Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance regarding Xeoma!