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Compare Software – WebCam Looker VS Xeoma

Before starting developing Xeoma contemporary software for video surveillance with innovative interface and features, FelenaSoft had been developing a simpler program for video surveillance called WebCam Looker which is only available for Windows OS.

Support and development of WebCam Looker is discontinued now but you can still use it if needed. However, what we recommend is to try Xeoma instead.

Try Xeoma for free now


Generally speaking, WebCam Looker is a much simpler program with less features and supported operating systems and devices.

This table will help you compare software products – Xeoma Video Surveillance Software and WebCam Looker DVR software:

List of features Xeoma WebCam Looker
Interface Innovative interface, modular logic, touchscreen-style, fit for smartphones, tablets Windows-based traditional interface
Supported operating systems Full-featured work on Windows / Linux / Linux ARM / Mac OS X / Android Just Windows
Available editions Variety of editions to fit to each budget:
trial (renewable),
free (no time of use limit),
starter (unlimited number of cameras),
lite (easy and basic),
standard (no upper camera limits),
pro (all editions’ advantages + professional features),
+ additional modules and cloud service
non-renewable 14-days trial and one commercial mode only
Video analytics Available: from sound detector to integration with smart home systems
See here
Just basic motion detector
Professional features Available in Xeoma Pro:
Possibility to create your own cloud video surveillance;
ANPR (also with 3rd party utilities for LPR);
Face Recognition;
Detector of speed limit violation;
Smoke Detector;
Detector of Abandoned Objects;
Loitering Detector;
Cross-Line Detector (visitors counter with movement direction);
Privacy masking;
Button Switcher;
multilayered e-Map;
RTSP Broadcasting;
Move to PTZ preset module;
Support for USB joysticks;
webRTC options;
Support for IP microphones;
LDAP support;
and more
See here
Intellectual features Available, sold separately (compatible with Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro):
Emotion recognition
Object recognition
Mask detector
Face recognition
Search in archives by photo
Stay time recognizer
Seabird recognition
Drone and airplane recognition
Slip and Fall detector
Gender recognition in Xeoma
Color recognition
License plate recognition (enhanced recognition of CIS countries LP)
Crowd detector
Sound events detector
Sports tracking
Age recognizer
Parking Spots
Vehicle speed detector
Face ID (double authentication)
Text recognition
Construction site safety
Modbus controllers
Smart card reader
SmartHome – RIF+
QR Code recognition
Eye Tracking
See here
Cloud service Available, sold separately
See here
Rebranding and customization Free and paid customization and rebranding
for personal and commercial use
See here
Number of cameras that can be connected to one server Depends on selected edition: from max 4 to unlimited Unlimited
Work with PTZ PTZ cameras control, PTZ presets, guard tours, PTZ auto tracking, ePTZ
Supported camera types USB, analog, IP/network (specialized in) USB (specialized in), analog, IP/network
Supported camera formats JPEG/MJPEG, H264/H264+/H265/H265+, MPEG-4, etc. JPEG/MJPEG
ONVIF support Yes, all versions of ONVIF profiles
Remote access Available full remote access: archive, real-time view and access to settings,
from PC and mobile devices,
multi-server connection available
(excluding free version)
Only real-time view from one server
Browser remote view Browser remote view via desktops and mobile devices (excluding free version) Browser remote view via desktops only
HTTP/web server Available (excluding free version) Available
Web server: videos with sound broadcast and view Available (excluding free version)
Access permissions assigning Available in Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro, 10 levels of priority
Network clustering, multi-server and multi-client connection Unlimited number of clients and servers
Mobile apps Free mobile apps for Android and iPhone/iPad (iOS)
HTTP uploading Available Available
Skype notification Available
dynDNS Supports only third party dynDNS service Possibility to create dynDNS
Video with sound from IP cams Available, also supported standalone IP microphones
Repeater service Available, sold separately
See here
SMS notifications Available, with SMS sending services or GSM modem Available, with GSM modem
FTP uploading Available, pictures and videos Available, only pictures
Tuner support Available, only with the default settings Available, supports changing settings
Scheduled recording Available Available
Day detector/motion detector Available Available
Ability to create your own Cloud service Available
Camera autosearch Available Available
Group settings of modules Available
Quick development, new features addition upon request Yes, new versions released regularly Program discontinued
Optimized work with many sources Yes, support for dual streaming, multi-threading
Adjustable maximum size of archive Yes, filters by max size or retention time

In other words, advantages of WebCam Looker are

  • standard interface
  • time-proven quality
  • fixed price not depending on how many cameras you are going to use

Advantages of Xeoma include:

  • one-of-a-kind user-friendly interface, touchscreen compatible
  • video analytics, professional and intellectual features
  • flexible assigning of access permissions
  • more OSs supported
  • more sound options
  • greater flexibility of configuration
  • Cloud service
  • ability to create your own cloud service with Xeoma Pro
  • more possibilities for remote access and control, including remote recording, multi-server connection, viewing of video with sound through web browsers in real time, and much more
  • continuous development and new features adding, also based on your requests

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