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How-to: Moving Xeoma video surveillance program records

When you copy the records back from the backup into Xeoma, please pay attention that they get to the right camera’s archive. Here’s some screenshots to illustrate that:

Say, this is your backup folder:

It is your backup folder

And this is your current folder for Xeoma:

It is your current folder

You can see that the numbers in folders’ names differ. The digit is actually camera’s ID in Xeoma so simple pasting folders into main directory may not work. You will need to help Xeoma find old records. You should open Archive and Preview module’s settings for the camera you want to paste old records for:

Module setting

In the example, 13 is your camera’s new number. Go to the backup and find its records (in our example, they are in the folder #103), then copy the folders inside:

Copy the folders content

In the current archive location, open the camera’s archive:

It is current archive location

And paste those backed-up records there.

Paste backed-up records

Now, you will be able to view older records in this camera’s archive. One more thing: pay attention in “Preview and Archive” module settings that the “Archive storage time” setting should comply with those old records’ date of creation (if the time is too short, the records will be deleted as being too old).

Please keep in mind that you need to restart Xeoma after you moved archives. It means that if you’re using the trial edition, old records can be erased after the restart because the Archive storage time setting will be reset to the default 1 hour.

11 June 2014

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