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Public safety and the benefits of city CCTV surveillance

The experts predict city CCTV surveillance to continue being on the rise in the year 2014. There are several reasons for that.

Firstly, the obvious benefits the city council administration, citizens and businesses get from it.

Secondly, new markets expose to the advantages of public safety as city CCTV surveillance becomes more affordable, easier to manage yet more powerful in replacing human labor with forensic analytics.

Let’s see how each party can benefit from city CCTV surveillance:
City CCTV surveillance ensures public safety and undeniable evidence that can stand up in court

  • City CCTV surveillance gives the citizens and residents the sense of security which is the number-one mission of video surveillance in the first place. Researches show that with video cameras installed in public places, people do tend to feel more secure. The feeling of “Someone is watching” has been a great deterrent for potential wrongdoers providing public safety.

  • Businesses experience a sales boom whenever shoppers feel secure. Along with usual benefits of CCTV surveillance like having key evidence to fight off fraudulent claims, ensuring loss prevention and analyzing customer behavior to address the demand more efficiently, businesses are interested in integrating their own cameras into the city CCTV surveillance systems as it helps increase law enforcements’ situational awareness in case of an incident, even in the car while they are yet on the way to the scene of the crime.

City CCTV surveillance ensures public safety and makes people feel secure

  • And of course, city authorities and administration’s main benefit from city CCTV surveillance is ensuring public safety, efficiently and cost-effectively. It helps lower crime rates by acting as a deterrent. No attack or robberies in the city park means no expenses on investigation. No vandals ruining common property, monuments and graffitying buildings means no damage or replacement costs to the city.

While protecting lives and property is the priority, city CCTV surveillance is also good for post-incident investigation as it helps prosecutors by securing them video footage of the incidents. Once again, it saves lives to law enforcement officers dispatched to the scene, as they can quickly review the video from the scene online and evaluate the situation.

With CCTV surveillance forensic analysis options, cost of keeping people safe can be reduced (which is more than a vital question due to budget cuts and underfunding) because there’s no need to have staff members watch the monitors 24/7 (or yet worse – patrol the streets) yet still get the right personnel alerted in case of the incident.

City CCTV surveillance system doesn’t have to be a robbery itself plunging deep into the pocket of a city that cares about public safety. It would be wise to start out small, installing the cameras in high crime areas first, and then gradually expand the system coverage across wider areas, adding more cameras.

Surely, the right software that can handle the needs for public safety of a big city, is the heart of the city CCTV surveillance. Moreover, it’s important the software support cameras of various manufacturers, not just single-branded cameras, and of different types, to efficiently integrate businesses’ cameras into the system. Plus, it should be easily upgradable to avoid getting the system outdated and no longer meeting the requirements of the today’s world. Software like Xeoma fits perfectly into the profile and would become a great solution. Sounds too good to be true? Try it now to see for yourself: download perfect software for city CCTV surveillance for free.

14 January 2014