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Xeoma video surveillance system as a part of golf management

Live CCTV camera as a part of golf management

Golf is an essential part of sports world. It is played, loved and watched by millions of people. It is often called the second yoga, because during the game people forget about their problems. They enjoy green fields, rides on electric cars and accurate shots. But have you ever thought about what lies behind this beautiful and carefree view? What efforts do people make to keep this paradise in order? Just behind the daily routine of the security service hides a huge amount of human labor.
Thanks to Xeoma video surveillance software, you will be able to automate many golf management processes in your club.

  • With the module “Face recognition“, powered by artificial intelligence technology, you can compile a database of all customers and employees, so the security system based on pictures from a live CCTV camera will let them into the club by face. If you find people who are not in the database, the system will immediately inform you about them.
  • The module “Detector of abandoned objects” will make sure that visitors have not forgotten their golf equipment. If there’s an abandoned item, you will immediately receive a notification (SMS, email etc.) from Xeoma.
  • Multifunctional video surveillance system in golf clubs

  • Set the automatic opening of the barrier/gates by the plate license to enter the territory of the club. To do this, use the “ANPR” module in conjunction with the “HTTP request sender” module, which is responsible for sending commands to various automation systems (such as the barrier or gate).
  • The module “Vehicle speed detector” will help control the observance of speed limits on the territory of the club. It will measure the speed of electric cars and report violations. In conjunction with it, you can use the module “Motion detector“. Set certain zones where electric cars are not allowed to drive (for example, playing fields, pedestrian zones), and set the size of the detected object in the module settings.
  • If you have a private VIP club and you don’t want outsiders taking pictures with drones on the area, add a “Drone recognition” module to the chain. It will notice the drone and send you a notification about it.
  • One more vital part in golf management is care about clients. Golf is often played by older people, so it is very important to look after their health. The “Slip and fall detector” module can take care of this. If a person gets sick, falls down and doesn’t get up within a certain time, the module will immediately send you a notification. To make sure the notification is noticed, you can add the “Sound alarm” module to the chain.
  • The “Mask detector” feature in the “Face recognition” module will help you keep track of mask mode in the golf club. If a person without a mask is detected, the system will immediately notify you.
  • You can upload video from your live CCTV camera to your website, so customers can evaluate the loading of the club, weather conditions, etc. Our program also supports 360º cameras, and the module “Fisheye dewarping
    will help to dewarp image from 360º cameras and get it in the regular format to watch the game even more conveniently. You can also use the timelapse feature to view video in fast motion. For viewing the video in fast motion, use timelapse function and for viewing the entire club area use the PTZ camera control.
  • If you want to know what impression customers have after visiting your golf club, use the module “Emotions recognition“, based on artificial intelligence technology.
  • This way you can automate various processes in your golf club by means of Xeoma and create a perfect place with the most convenient conditions for your customers.

    February, 24 2021

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