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Car safety with video surveillance program Xeoma

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Do you wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweat just to rush and check if your car is all right? Maybe you should change the place of residence? This may not be the best of options. What really is, is video surveillance capabilities to get yourself peace of mind and relaxing sleep back. And most importantly, the cost for peace of mind is quite low – creating a car safety video surveillance requires materials at your disposal and devices currently not in use.

You will need a laptop and a dash cam. By the way, an old laptop or even a netbook will perhaps fit in better than sophisticated new ones. As for the camera, it may be either a USB or an IP camera, no matter whether wired or wireless camera. Position the camera in the way that it faces the area you’d like to monitor. For example, if it is break-ins that you are afraid of, position the camera to notice the approaching criminal in time. If you want the camera to act as a dash camera, set it to face the front of the car more clearly.

The smaller is the camera, the less attention it will attract. That being said, if you want to conduct covert surveillance, you will need to make sure the cam is hidden. We are of the opinion that it is better to prevent crime than to investigate it after, even with all the evidence collected, so we recommend not to provoke potential criminals and to set the camera in a way that it could not be seen from outside.

Car safety with Xeoma and dash cam. Inside view
Car safety with Xeoma and dash cam. Exterior

Next step is installing software on a laptop to work with cameras. It will be useful if the program could not only allow you to access the image from the camera via mobile phone from anywhere in the world, but also warn of suspicious movement in places where there should not be any, or upload data to an external FTP server for backup, like Xeoma software for video surveillance does.

You will also need a USB modem for Internet access. It could be more reasonable to consider the unlimited Internet access , not to be afraid for traffic, or a tariff that allows unlimited outgoing data transfer. By the way, Xeoma can also be launched from the console, which is a plus, because we won’t need the visual part on this notebook.

Next, after having connected the cameras, set up remote access to this notebook with the help of “Remote Access” article, then test stability of operation, notifications and alarms. After that use the power supply for portable devices to connect the laptop to a power outlet. Then put the laptop into the trunk or under the seat.

Car safety with Xeoma. Cell phone view

Now you will know in advance if an intruder is approaching your car, and you will also have video evidence if an offender still had time to attack your car. Keep tabs on what is happening, with your mobile, be in full control and enjoy restful sleep again.

Ensure your car’s safety, because it’s so easy to do.

25 October 2012

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