Get full video surveillance package with Xeoma

With Xeoma you get not only live video monitoring and ability to check your business, home while you are on vacation, kids with a new nanny and even your fluffy little cat. With Xeoma you can get full video surveillance package. Our experts will listen to your wishes and create a complete video surveillance package for you.

Video surveillance package

We recommend you to have a look on Raspberry Pi board and its analogues. Compared to traditional security systems video surveillance on a single board computer is marked with a high security level. We shouldn’t forget about its cost-efficiency. For example Raspberry board cost is as low as $30-$40. You can connect any camera type to your single board PC (both webcams and IP cameras can be used).

To create full video surveillance package we will need Raspberry computer out of a plain Raspberry Pi board with preinstalled Linux OS and Xeoma program. The only thing you will need to do is to add your cameras into the system.

Raspberry Pi board for Xeoma video surveillance

We cooperate with many single board computers manufacturers so you can buy video surveillance package directly from our site.

Don’t know which one to choose? Do not hesitate to contact our specialists and ask for a help!

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