NAS box for video surveillance

Network attached storage (or NAS, for short) devices are no longer just for keeping files. What started as a more organized array of hard drives, a storage for files, has long grown into a more complex core of home and office life. The file storage function is still alive in NAS boxes up to now yet there is still so much more NAS can offer. And they do.

In families, a NAS box has turned into an irreplaceable multimedia center, a home cinema streaming to all digital devices around the place. This quiet, standalone device with low energy consumption and automatic energy-saving sleep mode make users leave 5-star reviews on major storefronts.

In corporate life, it’s trusted with the most valuable files. Encryption and remote access to all features from any place in the world. High network speed makes it feel like files are opened right in your workspace.

In both cases, the competition is high as never. Everything in a NAS matter these days – from the soft-touch feel of the plastic, to the assembly of pre-installed apps. Lately, it is the features that are the decider for many of thousands of buyers.

If you want to truly stand out you should embed Xeoma video surveillance software into your Network Attached Storage unit.
If you think about it, video surveillance and NAS devices are made for each other. NAS boxes have the space and the performance needed for the video surveillance software to work. Video surveillance, in its turn, can make any NAS box truly shine as the packed with IoT features and safety bonuses.

Up to recently NASes were solely used as a destination to put video records to. But it was before Xeoma began to support ARM architecture. Now NAS deviced can be the core of video surveillance solution, not its periphery.

Not resource-hungry

Free rebranding

Assembly of features

See also our PDF presentation about Xeoma video surveillance on NAS:
Download the PDF presentation of Xeoma video surveillance software work with NAS box