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Xeoma security camera app for iPhone and iPad (iOS Client app) is already available in App Store

New Xeoma webcam app for iPhone or iPad allows view archived and live cameras

New Xeoma webcam app for iPhone and iPad for remote video surveillance detailed instruction

Xeoma security camera app for iPhone and iPad is perfect for remote view of your cameras. It can be used to connect to Xeoma Cloud or Xeoma server on your desktop or tablet, even with behind firewalls (with the help of Repeater service).

With this iOS client you can connect to your Xeoma to view camera’s live feeds and archived recordings, with sound, and ability to zoom the picture digitally in/out, from wherever you are!

Take it with you to vacation, business trip, to the place of work. Peek in when you have time at your babysitter or seniors or make sure those you care about are safe in the hospital.


1. Go to App Store and download Xeoma cctv app from there.

2. Launch Xeoma app

3. Then a prompt will appear asking for connection data. These you can get from your Xeoma server or Xeoma Cloud subscription:

Connection dialog in Xeoma security camera app for iPhone and iPad for remote video surveillance

4. If the data is correct and the server part is available*, you will be connected, and will be able to view your cameras and their archives.

5. You can go back to the connection dialog window to connect to another server. Click the connection button below.

That’s it! With Xeoma security camera app you can enjoy remote access to your Xeoma from anywhere at any time!

*Note that if you’re trying to connect outside your local network to Xeoma Server from Xeoma app (Xeoma Client) on iOS, your Server should have a static ip (purchased from your Internet provider), dynDNS or Repeater service. You can also test the connection inside your local network, i.e. connect your Xeoma app on iOS to the same wi-fi where your Xeoma Server is connected. If you’re using Xeoma Cloud (our remote Cloud server), then you can connect from any device and any network.

Tips from Xeoma software Starting from Xeoma beta 20.10.22 there’s a new module that allows to send push-notifications on iOS – “Mobile notifications”

25 September 2015

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