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VSaaS – step in the future

VSaaS is a new page for video surveillance that will save your time and money
VSaaS will save your money and safe you

We are living in a rent century. You probably rent at least music, movie services, or an apartment. Haven’t you heard of a car-sharing, internet café, dress rent, and much more? Of course, you have!

Every day we face new opportunities on how to make our life more comfortable, entertaining, but not every time we can afford the purchase at the moment. Not all the time we are certain that we will need something for a long period. Also, we are not sure whether we will be satisfied with the product, or it’s better to wait for a new version. Sometimes we’d like to give it a try before the purchase. That’s why rent comes to help.

Video surveillance keeps up with the times
Would you like to have video surveillance that will keep you safe, but don’t want to buy expensive equipment? We have the answer to that:

    A new trend is known as VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) allows clients to avoid the purchase of equipment or video surveillance services.

Xeoma supports such a tendency to rent products, as many of our clients find it convenient not being obliged to pay a full sum when you need to use video surveillance only for a certain period. Or in case when you don’t really want to spend money on additional equipment.

Special for Xeoma’s end-users

Xeoma Cloud – bright choice
Xeoma Cloud is a way to avoid equipment maintenance! XEOMA operates as a CCTV Cloud Storage service. It means that we have Xeoma running on our cloud server and you can connect your cameras there. No load, no maintenance, as a bonus, fewer bills for electricity. Forget about counting if there enough disk space on your computer! All you need is a camera and Internet connection.

Privacy is under control! Your footage is safe in Xeoma Cloud video surveillance system – only authorized users have access to cameras, both in real-time and archive. Even if the camera is vandalized, criminals will never get the footage.

Unlike other cloud surveillance services, Xeoma Cloud offers almost all of its regular features, including PRO features: emap, object tracking and visualization, integration with cashier registers and home automation systems, synchronized view of multiple archives, and much more.

Here you will find out 4 easy steps on how to use Xeoma Cloud in no time at all.

Licenses Rent – Affordable way to use Xeoma
The rent for a wide range of Xeoma’s licenses and additional modules has an amazing advantage, you have to pay only for a month. It’s an opportunity for a start-up business, that wants to begin its way with a video surveillance project, to get to know our program and start earning money off-hand with NO RISK at all.

Be sure, Xeoma is a modern and multifunctional video surveillance solution, safety is guaranteed thanks to an AI and machine learning algorithms that will find their use in various scenarios.
Read more about the rent of the license.

You can get a monthly subscription to our licenses and Artificial Intelligence modules.
One of such modules is the Sound events detector. This machine learning and AI based module is able to take care of your close ones by detecting, for example, your child’s cry or scream, so you can react to a notification right away and act fast.

The other additional AI Face ID module will optimize the procedure of a complex access control systems in restricted entry enterprises, in university campuses, in private residences, wherever greater level of security and identity verification of a pass holder is required.

Our resellers and future partners!

Do not hesitate and take a chance to earn good money with a VSaas trend! Reselling our unique Xeoma video surveillance products for rent you’ll be in great demand!

You can offer a full set of video surveillance starting with licenses, Cloud server, and even your own video surveillance equipment.

Before reselling Xeoma you would surely like to try all of our licenses (including additional modules) by yourself? Demo Licenses for FREE for all of our future resellers. Just let us know, and we gladly provide you with the necessary type and amount.

Xeoma is known for its reliability and our support team is known for its liability, you won’t be alone even if you are a start-up business. Read more info about reselling.

By the way, Xeoma has a free of charge utility for customization, so there’s a chance to rewrite our program to your taste and there will be information about your company, no way clients will forget about you!

Do not miss a chance to try the opportunities of VSaaS, save your time and money!
September, 11 2020

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