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Tips for dealers: relocatable surveillance systems based on RPI (or other mini computers)

Dealers of video surveillance systems have certainly noticed the trend of latest decade for relocatable surveillance systems that can be moved across the vast territory. Unlike permanent systems, relocatable systems can be moved across the territory to dynamically handle the areas with highest priority at the moment. Such systems have minimal equipment: camera and periphery, and a processing unit like RPI (short for Raspberry Pi board – a leading mini computer).

Xeoma is perfect for the goal: a portable program that can work on position independent single board computers (also known as mini computers).

Relocatable surveillance system based on RPI is perfect for dealers of border patrol systems

One of the areas this is most applicable is of course border patrol. Whether overland or naval, border patrol is a matter of a nation security scale.
One of the challenges in border patrol is the long mileage. It’s nearly impossible to cover all this lengthy border with cables from the financial standpoint, let alone natural restrictions.
Video surveillance systems in one way of resolving it but as mentioned above it’d put a load on budget of monumental proportions. When financing is limited, relocatable video surveillance systems come to help.

The idea is easy. Officials define and provide main security to a number of weak entry points where border crossers and smugglers tend to penetrate the territory. Soon the offenders find other
places of intrusion, and the video surveillance system needs to be relocated there. That’s where relocatable video surveillance systems really save the day.

Dealers of Xeoma can offer relocatable surveillance system based on RPI for border patrol

The system consists usually of a collapsible pole with a wide range camera on it with a power unit and wireless link unit. Processing server may be utilized also in place with as small as RPI (Raspberry Pi mini computers) – or for enhanced security it can be offsite with camera streaming image to it through WiFi. Now WiFi signal’s range depends very much on environment and possible interference. To enhance the signal’s range it might be required to use meshes.

Relocatable surveillance system (based on RPI) is an excellent way to cover a large territory on tight budget depending on season (for example, in farming) or on the current place of highest threat level (for example, in border patrol).

Xeoma video surveillance software is the first CCTV software with professional features to work on RPI and other mini computers. It itself is also rapidly relocatable – required no installation and works in a portable way.

February, 26 2018

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