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Renewals after Upgrade to Xeoma Pro

If you have obtained the Standard to Pro Upgrade license and upgraded one or all of your cameras from Standard to the Professional mode, there is one thing you need to remember:

Upgrades from Standard to Pro do not take renewal licenses into consideration. So if your original license had a renewal period until March 2018 – that is the end date of version you can use if you want your Pro camera to work too. In other words, the upgrade to Pro holds the same date as its end. Even if have renewals key for, say, another year, it does not apply in this case.

So, to make the upgrade work, you can use an older version of Xeoma that your original license is valid for (download older Xeoma versions here: https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/changes/).

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance regarding Xeoma!