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How to put a stop to vandalism and prevent property damage with video security software

Firstly, you need to define vandalism to prevent property defacement and then act accordingly Damaged building sides, stolen alarms, riots, memorial destruction, car arson, graffiti, desecration of graves – no matter its form or intention, vandalism causes disorder and is an unnecessary expense.

A single instance of vandalism acts like a chain reaction. Property damage can increase your area’s crime rate, decrease your property value, result in property riots, incur repair costs and cause delays to construction projects. Nowadays, we come to one question: how can we put a stop to vandalism to prevent property damage and protect our parks, public places, administrative buildings and the city itself? Firstly, you need to identify the weak points. No matter whether it is a park, office building or historical site, once you identify the groups likely to target your building and assess your facility from the eyes of a vandal, that will help to protect your property from defacement effectively. Look for weak perimeter points, unlit areas are good for hiding, and architectural features that are perfect for defacement. Secondly, you need to suppress and frighten away the vandals. Buildings where vandals do not see visible video security monitoring are an easy target. You can suppress and intimidate the vandals with different strategies, creating both physical and psychological barriers. Physical barriers usually imply gates, fences, ID card accesses, and a limited number of access points. What touches upon the psychological barriers is the presence of security guards, noticeable security cameras and surveillance signage. Even a simple sign “CCTV” can scare away a decent percentage of vandals.

Xeoma video surveillance software is able to detect motion, colors, faces, license plates and even emotions. Based on Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, Xeoma can become a great tool at struggle with vandalism. Its video analytics can detect suspicious behavior and notify authorities. This way, Xeoma can be useful in terms of crowd detection, loitering detection, motion detection, object detection, color recognition, mask detection and text recognition.

By means of video surveillance, you can protect your property and avoid unnecessary costs. Request Xeoma demo licenses to test all features and video analytics completely free of charge. Contact us anytime, our free and friendly tech support will gladly help!

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xeoma_software_advices Xeoma’s ‘Text Recognition‘ module is powered by artificial intelligence and is a great aid in background scanning of the surroundings for graffiti.

May 22, 2024

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