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Video surveillance in a warehouse

Video surveillance in a warehouse these days might be considered a thing of necessity rather than something sophisticated – especially since modern video surveillance systems are quite inexpensive. It is so popular because it’s basically an affordable and convenient way to make life easier, to have a successful business where you have every aspect under control. Modern CCTV systems perform many functions for a small one-time fee. It is primarily:

  • Protection against break-ins (helps to discourage criminals)
  • Notifying the emergency services or owner in case of break-in
  • Detecting particular problems such as fire, camera breakdown, blackout or internet shutdown etc.
  • Storage of archive recordings that can be used as an evidence
  • Improving service quality if there’s rental warehouse keeping (clients can have access to the cameras) that can also help with standing out from the competition

Video surveillance at the warehouse will help save on security, avoid losses from burglary, theft, accidents, as well as get ahead of competition by showing potential customers the benefits of your paid storage service with round-the-clock access to cameras. So the answer to the question whether to install a video surveillance system in a warehouse or not, is obvious. It remains only to choose a system that will be tailored for you.

Choosing a warehouse security monitoring system.

Finding a perfect cctv solution for a warehouse is not an easy thing. You should take many things into account. Such as video surveillance software’s functionality, presence of different detectors, support of cameras with IR and night vision and so on.

Xeoma is a multifunctional video surveillance system with flexible settings and modular system. Its video analytics can help to automate many processes.

cctv warehouse

Focus on all aspects

Usually, warehouse video surveillance system is just an ip camera that ‘looks’ at the contents of the storage room. But sometimes it’s not enough.

Advanced video analytics in Xeoma provides opportunity to monitor the room and, for example, find smoke by means of the “Smoke detector” module.

Or it can detect faces (unauthorized, for instance) in the highlighted area using “Face detector” module. And notify owner about people that entered the room sending SMS or email with photos.

But basic video analytics is still “Motion detector”. It’s cross functional and available in all editions even in free version of Xeoma. Easy to configure yet powerful module “Motion detector” is a key function for perimetral security.

“Sound detector” is another helpful module for providing security in the warehouse. It can detect the sound of breaking glass, shooting or screaming. It can be used to detect break-ins.

“PTZ Tracking” and PTZ tour guide options in Xeoma are essential for monitoring large area such as hangars and big sheds. With the help of PTZ tracking and tour guiding camera can check every corner in the room and make sure everything is in its place.

Xeoma is the right choice

In terms of video surveillance Xeoma is the best solution for many reasons. It’s not just a cctv system, it’s a multifunctional and cross-plaformed software combining all necessary features both professional and basic. Warehouse cctv system can be implemented based on not only powerful PCs, but also on the cheap microPCs such as Raspberry Pi. And everything will be working perfectly with Xeoma in both cases.

October, 16 2019

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