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Xeoma: Effective video surveillance without Internet connection

Xeoma is a ‘one size fits all’ solution to video surveillance. Xeoma will secure your property everywhere, no matter if you have the Internet access or not. Not only banks, factories, top secret corporations and governmental agency’s facilities block the Internet access for security reasons, sometimes the Internet might not be available for technical reasons – premises are located too far away, the equipment is too expensive etc.

Professional video surveillance system Xeoma can work without access to the Internet

You can choose from more than 100 Xeoma functions, from simple video analytics that prevents break-ins, to advanced and intelligent features such as Detector of Abandoned Objects, Emotion Recognition or Sound Events Detector. Of course, some Xeoma functions closely bind up with the Internet – remote access via a Repeater, access to the Xeoma Cloud account, automatic updates.

The good news is that the vast majority of Xeoma features work in an off-line environment, so you won’t need to worry about permanent Internet connection on you premises. We’ve listed below the list of features that may need the Internet access when you use them in Xeoma video surveillance system.

1. Activation (adding a new license).
The main activation method used on physical computers and devices is online activation, but it is not the only way. In Xeoma you can activate your licenses off-line. To do that from other equipment with Internet access you’ll need to go to felenasoft.com web-page and then move the activation code you’d get in response back to the machine without the Internet.

However, virtual machines do not support off-line activation, and they normally require permanent Internet connection. If your virtual machine doesn’t have Internet access, you can purchase Xeoma hardware key or use activation with a license server. Read more about this here.

2. Additional AI modules.
Some AI modules need additional resources to be downloaded from felenasoft.com before they start their work. The list of such modules includes: Face recognition (Artificial intelligence option), Face detector(Emotions), Detector of construction site safety, Sound Events Detector, Face ID, Crowd Detector, Vehicle Speed Detector. Object Recognizer, Age Recognizer, Gender Recognition, Sports Tracking. The reason behind that is that Artificial Intelligence often requires pre-collected databases to recognize different features such as people’s faces, certain sounds, emotions, etc.

However, you still can use these and other advanced modules even if your machine does not have Internet access. Download the additional resources from another machine and pass them to the no-Internet machine to enable work of the listed AI-powered modules. Apart from the need for additional resources, the modules themselves are completely autonomous and work on your machine and not via any cloud service.

3. Updates to new versions.
We release Xeoma updates on the regular basis, which, of course, your machine can get only via the Internet. If your machine does not have Internet access, you can download a new version to any USB-device and then move the file to your machine.

4. Work with global or remote cameras.
If your cameras are located in a remote location, you would probably need to access them via the Internet connection from your machine, otherwise you will not be able to see your camera feed. The same applies to the random IP world cameras, whereas cameras in your local network can be reached from your machine even if the machine doesn’t have internet access.

5. Notifications (sending Email, SMS, HTTP commands).
– Sending Emails: If you need to send an email within the same local network and your own local server is configured, this feature will work without Internet access. If you use external addresses like GMAIL, MAIL.RU, etc., you will need Internet access in order for Xeoma to send email notifications.
– Sending HTTP commands: the principle behind sending HTTP commands is similar to sending Emails – you don’t need the Internet within your local network, when it comes to external systems you will need the Internet.
-Sending SMS: all external SMS sending services require an Internet connection. The only exception might be for SMS sending via a local GSM modem.

6. Problem Detector might be set up to check the availability of a web resource. This filter module can be used for checking addresses in your local network, in this case no Internet access required, or for checking addresses out of your local network, in this case you will need a stable Internet connection.

7. Remote access.
It’s possible to establish the client-server remote connection in two ways: 1) connect to a server within the same network (or via a VPN tunnel) or 2) connect to a server which is in another network (or via a VPN tunnel working with different networks).
In the first case the remote connection will be conducted without any problems, even if the Internet connection is unavailable. However, in the second case the connection won’t be established if the Internet is down.
Since the Repeater service works only on the Internet, off-line machines won’t be able to connect to it.
Connection to the Xeoma Cloud cannot be done off-line as well.

The rest of Xeoma functions can work off-line, so Internet access is not required for such video surveillance systems.
As you can see, apart from a few logical cases, Xeoma video surveillance systems may well work without an Internet connection.

Approved by the Ministry of communications, Xeoma can be used on top secret sites, because it does not contain malware and can run on the Everest, Astra Linux, and Sailfish OS. In other words, it is ideal for the import substitution program.

Xeoma Software might as well be used to create a video surveillance system in stretched-out or hard-to-reach territories. Off-line systems based on Xeoma can be effectively utilized in nature reserves, expeditions, quarrying or other types of mining, construction sites, cruise liners, and similar places with the lack of access to the Internet.

Keep in mind that despite the powerful functionality, with Xeoma your records and data are accessible only by you and done completely standalone, on your machines.

October, 5 2020

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