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Video surveillance at the tailoring factory

sewingHow often do you purchase clothes? Dress-making is quite a complicated process that includes rent of premises, recruitment, fabrics ordering and many other things.

When everything is set up, there’s one important thing that shouldn’t be missed. Each business requires control and supervision. Especially, if it’s a large factory with many employees.

Multifunctional Video surveillance system Xeoma will be a great solution. It has a wide range of different modules and functions that will be helpful at the place of production.

Ensuring security in the workplace

tailoring_factory There’s basic module “Motion detector” that can trace movement and provide security e.g. at night time.

“Sound detector” will be able to detect breaking glass, screaming or shooting, so it can be used to monitor factory during non-business hours.

“Smoke detector” will provide a safe workplace because it can easily detect smoke and notify fire department or turn on the alarm in case of problems.

Automation of the working process

Usually, factories have many employees and their access might take time because each person should be verified at the security checkpoint.

Xeoma has a good solution on how to automate employees’ access.

Intellectual modules “Smart card reader” or “QR code recognition” in conjunction with “Face ID” will be able to open gates for the recognized employees using access card or QR code on the phone. It will save time and resources of the company because process will be automated.

“Face recognition” module can be used for automated access in the restricted areas. It’ll identify only necessary persons and let them in.

Xeoma – easy to work with!

Xeoma is a multifunctional and flexible software. You can review cameras from mobile devices and easily export particular segments from archive.

Xeoma’s modules can be mixed to achieve the perfect video surveillance system. Notifications about motion, recognized faces or other events can be sent over email or SMS.

The software is not very resource intensive, so it doesn’t require much space or a powerful server to work on.

Video analytics in Xeoma offers a variety of options to cover every event on the territory.

September 9, 2019

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