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Body worn camera as a new trend in video surveillance

Body worn camera

In today’s world, video surveillance is an integral part of our lives. Being the core part of any security system, video cameras can be seen in next-to-all public spaces. Thanks to various intelligent features, video surveillance has become even more efficient and commonplace as now it is used for many other purposes, especially in business security – from safeguarding to customer audience research and creating better service in rush hours.

However, there are areas of activity in which it can be difficult to install fixed cameras, and therefore they are more unprotected. That’s why one of the video surveillance trends of 2021 is body worn video cameras.

Body worn camera is a small camera attached to a person’s clothes that provides a first-person-view of their actions. The view angle of the camera is about 180 degrees which helps capture the events in front of the person and part of the background too for a better situational awareness. Body worn cameras are widely known for their service in police work, where they have already proven their worth. Now it’s time for them to be introduced in private use too.

Nowadays, there is a great demand for services that make people’s lives easier: cleaning, gardening, delivery of goods, etc. Despite many people already using the advantages of such services, there are lots of those who are still hesitant because of security concerns. This hurts both themselves (for they are deprived of the quality of services they could enjoy) and businesses (for they cannot earn by providing high-quality service to this undecided category of potential customers).

But there is a solution to this problem – body worn video cameras.

The stream from an employee’s body worn camera can be captured for example in the contemporary VMS Xeoma which will provide the opportunity to monitor the work process of staff for compliance and efficiency.

For example, for construction and renovation businesses an employer can attach body worn cameras to the builders’ clothes to monitor the quality and compliance of the employees’ work, as well as the results. The camera is light and compact, so it won’t interfere with the workers’ movements.

For a client, live streams from a service’s body worn cameras will give a peace of mind as they will be able to control the security of their home remotely.

Window cleaning on skyscrapers
Body worn cameras and extreme sports
Broadcast tutorial videos for students

Such a solution can be also useful for cleaning companies. Many customers worry about the safety of their property during cleaning. Using body worn video cameras might guarantee the reliability of the company, its openness and safety. Video from the camera can also be used as evidence when a conflict arises between the client and the firm, for example, when things are missing from the client’s home. Thus, this is an effective way to both fight false claims and to get the customer a real view on the events.

Besides, body worn cameras tend to have a pacifying effect on both the wearer and the audience that gets in the frame: researches show that customers behave more calmly and politely when they understand that the video with them can be used for forensic purposes.

Body worn video cameras can be successfully used for business security and development. For example, companies washing windows on skyscrapers cannot show the process of their work to customers due to complicated technical conditions. For these purposes there are body worn cameras which can be connected to Xeoma. With the help of “Web Server” and “Streaming to Youtube” modules companies can broadcast video online on their website or in some social network.

It can also be used in sports to capture and broadcast the event online from the first person view. This feature is especially suitable for extreme sports, such as skydiving, motocross, skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Another area where body worn cameras can be used is education. This camera model has unlimited potential for development. If previously it was difficult to record tutorial videos in which a person had to do both tell and show, with body worn cameras it will become easier. This is especially useful in areas where a person must have two hands free: beekeeping, construction, sports, chemistry, etc. By connecting the cameras to Xeoma, students will be able to watch the teacher’s actions online.

Food delivery services are now common all over the world. One of the latest innovations in this area is the function of unpacking and arranging food in the client’s home. The first to introduce this feature was the famous American company Walmart. However, allowing uncontrolled entry of delivery workers into the house is very risky. Therefore, delivery companies can equip the delivery man with a body worn camera that will record all of his movements on other people’s property. In case of a customer complaining about poor service or theft, archives of the camera can be pulled up and watched.

Thus, thanks to body worn cameras and Xeoma, clients can be calm about the safety of their property, as well as companies for the business security, its work and reputation. The unlimited number of additional applications – like effort-free native live tutorials or showcasing thrilling sides of a trade – makes body worn cameras even more in demand.

June, 11 2021

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