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Can I combine Free mode with a commercial mode?

Let’s say you want to have a live preview for 400 cameras without any record or notifications. If all those cameras will be on the same computer, and will be watched from this computer, the completely free Free mode of Xeoma is what you need. It allows to view unlimited number of cameras in real-time.

But if you want to add some of the more sophisticated features, not available in the Free mode, you cannot combine the Free mode and commercial modes. They are mutually exclusive. Think of Free mode as a separate product, while commercial modes are yet other separate products that don’t work with the Free mode.

You will have to make a choice – whether to keep the Free mode with unlimited number of cameras, or to have a fully commercial version for 400 cameras, where this needed feature will be available.

The only service Free mode is compatible with is the Xeoma Cloud subscription where you can store a backup copy of your records.

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance regarding Xeoma!