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Bird Detector. Xeoma module.

Bird DetectorThe Bird Detector is a module based on artificial intelligence that detects birds in the camera’s field of view and helps you keep track of them. This module is designed for use on thermal PTZ cameras, but it can be used with fixed thermal cameras as well.

Advice from Xeoma Camcorder Software The “Bird detector” module is available in Xeoma Pro edition starting from version 22.11.25.

The module is able to recognize a bird at a distance of up to 350 meters, even when the bird looks like a dot on the screen. Based on AI-powered technologies predicting the bird’s flight direction, the module allows you to move the PTZ camera in the direction of the bird’s flight, following it as smoothly as possible.



Bird detector module usage scenarios

Bird detection at bird observatories: Keep an eye on birds at your bird observatory and learn about new “guests” even at night.

Bird detection at ornithological institutes: Watch bird migration, studying birds behavior and routes.

Bird detection and art: Organize your own exhibition, with the birdwatching station as the main piece of art. Such an installation can be placed both in a city park and in a closed exhibition.

Bird detection and amateur birdwatching: Track birds from the comfort of your home. Take notes, create videos and study birds at any time of the day.




Bird Detector module benefits: any equipment
Any equipment:
Can be used on a regular computer with almost any thermal camera
Advantages of the Xeoma Bird Detector module: flexibility and versatility
Various reactions, integration with third-party systems
Non-stop work
Realtime video:
Works with real-time video streams, no delays. The more fps, the better!
Benefits of the Xeoma Bird Detector module: favorable price
The module is included in the Xeoma Pro edition. Licenses are lifetime



Bird detector in the Xeoma cctv camera software works automatically. Simply connect this module to a chain after the Universal Camera module.

bird detection in Xeoma

By default, the module will be using the camera it is connected to for detection of birds and tracking them along the flight path, but you can also specify a different camera in the “Camera URL” field – for example, if you want to use one camera as an overview camera, and rotate another camera to track the bird’s flight. This flexibility allows you not to miss other birds that might appear in the frame during the rotation of the PTZ camera.

When you select the “Enable PTZ Tracking” option in the “Bird Detector” module settings, in the drop-down menu of the “Initial Preset” option, you can select the desired preset with the camera’s start position, to which it should return after completing the bird tracking route. This helps protect the camera’s thermal sensors from exposure to the sun when the camera is in standby mode.

With the help of a brush, you can specify necessary zones for monitoring where you need to detect birds, or exclude unnecessary areas where detection is not needed. Also, using the sliders, you can set the maximum and minimum size of the object (bird) to be detected. This way you can, for example, filter different bird species by size if you only want to detect large birds, etc.



Bird Detection with Xeoma can be run on regular server hardware along with other surveillance tasks
Unlimited possibilities

No special hardware required: Xeoma runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, ARM, Android and iOS. You can use any device to organize a video surveillance system: from a smartphone and a microcomputer to a full-featured server. The load from recognition is on average 20% more than from a regular camera in the program. Calculate yourself with our Calculator.

Ordinary cameras will do
Any cameras

No special cameras with recognition function are required. Recognition processes are conducted on Xeoma’s side. The good quality of the video stream on your thermal camera is enough.

Ability to combine different Xeoma licenses to get the most benefit
Customizable prices

The Bird Detector module is already included in Xeoma Pro edition, and the Xeoma licenses are valid for a lifetime. The “bigger” the license, the lower the price per camera. You can also rent a license on a monthly or even daily basis, if you only need functionality for several days.

Advice from the Xeoma video surveillance program In addition to “Bird detector”, you may find other Xeoma modules useful:

xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 Use the “Seabird recognition” module to automatically detect the presence of seabirds in the frame.
xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 Use the “Object recognizer” module for reaction of the video surveillance system only on birds, animals, vehicles and other objects types.
xeoma_video_surveillance_app_for_cameras_with_ai_pointer_10x10 The effect of accelerated video (“time lapse”) using a simple archive recording is an excellent marketing and statistical material.

Find detailed information about these and other features in Support section.


1. Download from our site and launch Xeoma. Make sure you are using Xeoma in Trial mode or activate your Xeoma Pro license.
2. Add a camera or wait while Xeoma adds cameras found in your network automatically.
3. Add the “Bird detector” module to the chain.
4. In the module settings, in the “Camera URL” field, enter the address of the camera stream (URL) that will move following the bird’s flight path if you use different cameras for bird detection and bird tracking.
5. Check the “Enable PTZ Tracking” box.
6. Set the initial preset that the camera will return to when the bird tracking route is completed.
7. Set up desired reactions to the event – for example, writing into the archive, Mobile notification, or your own reaction.




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January 20, 2023

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