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Best Android CCTV app of 2021

Best Android CCTV app of 2021

Let’s face it: a video surveillance system is sometimes imagined as a large room with rows of monitors, which look after people’s actions. But the truth is, nowadays organizing video surveillance no longer requires having a powerful machine, you can use a device as small and simple as an Android smartphone instead. The secret is to have the right app for connecting and viewing your cameras. One of the best Android CCTV apps of 2021 is Xeoma, a free yet powerful app with over 100 features, available from Google Play and Huawei AppGallery stores at 0 cost. Why is it the best? Read on – In this article we will review several ways of organizing video surveillance with the help of this app.

About Xeoma app for Android

Xeoma is a multifunctional video surveillance app for devices powered by Android OS. You can use it for organizing a standalone server or as a client for connecting to the main server by using the remote access function (see point “Connection to the stationary server”). It includes all necessary features such as watching cameras online and saving recordings to the archive, and intelligence modules, for example, smoke detector, visitors counter, motion detector, object detector, mobile notifications, sending email/SMS and others.

To get started with the app, you only need to take a few steps. Find Xeoma on Google Play or Huawei AppGallery, install and launch it. You can also download the extended version of the app directly from our website.

The app is free to download. Xeoma itself supports several editions, including the free one. The first time you run the application, it launches in a full-function Trial edition. To activate the Free edition, open the application and go to “Main menu” – “Registration” – “Switch to the free edition”. If you have already purchased a commercial license, you can activate it via “Main menu” – “Registration” – “Activate”.

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Connecting cameras to the best Android CCTV app Xeoma

The app supports 99% of cameras on the market, including IP, analog and USB cameras. Thanks to the flexible settings, it takes no more than 1-2 minutes to connect the camera. The camera organization is well thought out, which makes the application clear and easy to use.

There are several ways to connect cameras to Xeoma. Let’s review them one by one. Click on “+” at the bottom panel and choose one of the following options:

1. Simple search for local cameras. By choosing this option, the program starts searching for cameras that are located in your local network, including the camera of your device (if there is one). After the search is completed, click on “+” again, your cameras’ names should appear in the list, add the cameras you need by clicking on them. This way of adding cameras is used both for IP and for analog and USB cameras.
2. Search by IP/password. If you know your camera’s IP address, you can try finding it by using these parameters. Put all necessary data into the according fields. If everything is correct, the IP camera will be added to the app.
3. Add new camera manually. If the program didn’t find your IP camera with two previous ways due to some reasons, you can try a manual search by URL. Put the URL of your IP camera into the field “Preview stream parameters” and click “OK”, the image from the IP camera should appear in the app.

If you have troubles with connecting your cameras to the app, you can find a list of possible errors and the ways of their solutions in this article.

Creating a standalone server with your smartphone

You can use your smartphone as a camera, this option will be perfect for home video surveillance, when you want to record only specific events, for example, days when cleaning services are in your house. You won’t need to buy extra cameras, because you can use the one you already have in your smartphone. Please note that the app always takes the image from the main camera of your device. To choose the best option for displaying cameras on the home screen, go to the Viewing Mode menu and select the option that suits you best.

Please note if you want to use your smartphone as a main server, make sure that there is enough space for saving recordings from cameras, we also recommend setting up a short period of archiving recordings, for example, 1 day. Otherwise it can lead to overload of your device memory. If you want to store all recordings from your smartphone camera, you can use our Xeoma Cloud service (see point “Xeoma Cloud”).

Connection to the stationary server

If you already use Xeoma on your stationary computer, you can connect to it from your mobile device via the remote access feature in the best Android CCTV app. This option will be suitable for those who want to watch cameras remotely or whose device is not powerful enough to be a separate server part. The app might also be perfect for getting mobile notifications from your server, for example, when an intrusion is detected. To do this, add the “Mobile notifications” module to the chain and configure it.
For using only a client part, you can download a separate app named “(Client part only) Xeoma Video Surveillance”, which is optimized to have a portion of the functions, only the necessary ones, so it won’t disturb the user with unnecessary information and excessive permissions.

A key advantage of using the remote connection to the main server via Android device is the ability to use all video analytics and intelligent features available in the computer version, such as:

  • Face Recognition;
  • Mask detector;
  • Crowd detector;
  • FaceID;
  • Smart card reader;
  • QR Code recognition;
  • Emotion recognition;
  • Object recognition (drones, birds, transport etc.);
  • License plate recognition;
  • Vehicle speed detector;
  • Parking spots;
  • Slip and fall detector;
  • Construction site safety;
  • 360° surround view;
  • Gender recognition;
  • Age recognizer;
  • Color recognition;
  • Sound events detector;
  • Sports tracking;
  • Eye tracking;
  • Text recognition;
  • Modbus controllers;
  • SmartHome – RIF+.
  • Read more about intelligence functions of the program here.

    Xeoma Cloud

    If you don’t want to bother with creating your own video surveillance server on your device, you can use our Xeoma Cloud server for organizing cloud video surveillance. By connecting cameras to Xeoma Cloud you will be able to watch cameras and their archives, and set up the system from any part of the world. Such a solution is very comfortable for users, it doesn’t take a lot of memory and has a very affordable price. Moreover it won’t affect your device’s CPU. Find more about Xeoma Cloud here.


    Thanks to the incredible flexibility and unheard-of-before set of features, Xeoma can be truly named the best CCTV Android app of 2021. With its help you can organize a complete video surveillance system that allows you to view cameras, change settings and use smart features. All this is available by using only your smartphone and the free Android ip camera app Xeoma.

    August, 25 2021

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