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Why Xeoma prices are so high

We constantly review our policies and your opinion will help us improve the quality-to-price ratio.

Xeoma has various modes for any budget, starting from a totally free of charge Free mode, through the designed for testing Trial mode and low-budget-friendly Lite and Standard modes, and finishing with a Pro mode with prices appropriate for intellectual features.

In each paid license (Xeoma Lite, Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro) 1 year of free updates are included. After that time runs out you can choose to buy renewals to be able to continue to get new versions of Xeoma. The license for Xeoma itself has no expiry date and can be used for lifetime. You can continue using your version of Xeoma for as long as you want. Just without updating to new versions. Please note that updates are not necessary for Xeoma to work. Renewals are for those who want to add new functionality to what you already have in Xeoma when new versions are released.

The most expensive of all modes is the Xeoma Pro mode. It is called Pro because it has intellectual professional features like License plate recognition, Abandoned items detection, etc. Professional intellectual modules like that are never cheap. If you don’t need this functionality you can opt for Xeoma Standard mode instead, it’s almost 3 times more affordable, or even Xeoma Lite or use Xeoma in the Free mode, depending on your surveillance goals and needs.

In the Free mode, you can view unlimited number of cameras, and store records for any 4 of them. Switch to the free mode via Main menu -> Registration -> Switch to the free mode. Please read more about Xeoma modes here.

If you are comparing Xeoma to a competitor with a monthly-based fee, the total paid for the service will be many times higher in the long run, than the Xeoma license one-time-payment.

There surely are cheaper options in the Internet but they do not have the vast functionality, dynamic development and support of Xeoma.

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