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Setting up PTZ guard tour in Xeoma

Many PTZ cameras have a very useful ability to remember user-defined points of interest (often referred to as “presets”) and automatically move from one such point to another. Such moving between points using presets is called PTZ patrolling or PTZ guard tour.

Contemporary cameras can “remember” from 20 to 100 of such pre-set camera positions. A preset is set not just for horizontal or vertical position of a camera, but also for zooming in or out. Popular presets include focusing camera on windows, doors. Once set, a preset can be used to quickly move the focus of your camera to a certain position with just 1 click – or completely automatically with the guard tour feature.

The guard tour can make the camera go to the pre-set points in order defined by an operator, administrator, or in a chronological order.

PTZ presets and PTZ guard tours in video surveillance with Xeoma

xeoma_software_advices Attention! PTZ presets and PTZ touring is supported in Xeoma starting from version 18.7.10 for cameras that work through ONVIF.

1. When you added your PTZ camera that supports ONVIF, you will see a PTZ icon in the upper right corner of the camera preview box or on the lower panel. Click on this icon and the PTZ camera control menu will be opened.

New opportunity is added to the old Xeoma PTZ control

2. In this menu you can see the following items:

• Tour – opens menu of the tour based on presets. Here we will set the order and duration of the stop at the specified points. See more about this below;
• Standard joystick (arrows), with their help you move the camera;
• Preset name field (editable drop-down box);
• Trash Bin – deletes the preset chosen in the Preset name field;
• Arrow – moves camera to the next preset (manual control);
• Point – saves the preset (name in Preset name field and current camera position);

3. Using the Standard Xeoma PTZ control – arrows or hand – “move” camera to the position you’d like to save as a start of the Tour. Give it a name in the editable field and click the “Point” icon.
Repeat the steps for all other presets you’d like to save.

4. After all presets (camera positions) are set, go to the “Tour” menu. At first, you will have an empty field here. You need to add a Tour by clicking ADD button.


5. In the opened dialog we can specify the name of our “tour” and set what points should the camera go through and how long it should stay on every point:


The preset is the same points that we asked you beforehand. Our “tour” will be built using these points.
Stop time at each point can be set manually. For example, on the door you can “stay” longer than on the window.
So, we choose the preset, the time that we will stay on it and click “ADD preset”. If you make a mistake in the order or change your mind, you can always delete the preset.

6. Now that we’ve added all our points for the tour, click on the “OK” button.

7. If you need several tours for this camera, repeat these steps.

8. In the previously empty window we now can choose a tour from a drop-down list and see all the positions of our tour. Here we can also change or delete the current one.


Press the “START” button at the top and our camera starts moving to the specified positions. You can also stop the tour in this window. To do this, click on the “Stop” button.

10 September 2018

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