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Best video surveillance equipment 2021

Best video surveillance equipment 2021 Xeoma

Choosing best video surveillance equipment in 2021 might be difficult due to plenty of choices. But it’s not that complicated once you get to know the main points that should be taken into account. When you start creating your own video surveillance system, it’s best to start with gathering information on the matter.

In this article we’ll try to find out how to choose best video surveillance equipment in 2021 according to the following categories:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Servers
  • Video surveillance software

CCTV cameras

There are various cameras that can be used for video surveillance on the market. But what is the best video surveillance equipment in 2021 in terms of cameras? Is it IP cameras, DVRs/NVRs, USB cameras or analog cameras?

Definitely IP cameras. And here’s why:

IP cameras unlike analog cameras connected to a DVR provide stable connection and higher quality image. As well as they have more functionality embedded such as ONVIF detectors, PTZ tours etc. Also, they have a wide price range, so you can always choose the perfect variant suitable for your own CCTV project. The list of supported cameras that our video surveillance software supports can be checked here (the page is updated regularly).

We recommend choosing ONVIF IP cameras, in this case it will increase chances that the camera will be detected in Xeoma or other software automatically.

Tip: avoid “No name” cameras that claim to use their own cloud, P2P or ActiveX because they tend to be troublesome in work with third-party software. You’d better opt for cameras from time-proven manufacturers like HikVision.

Xeoma supports 99% of all camera brands, so you can use it with any camera that you might already have, e.g. a USB or laptop embedded camera. Also, Xeoma supports analog cameras connected to a DVR or NVR, so if you have these cameras installed already, you might be able to use them in Xeoma and expand your video surveillance system with various modules and features.


After you’ve chosen CCTV cameras, it’s time to start choosing the server machine. You might already have a PC or a laptop that can act as a server. But often people purchase a dedicated machine for video surveillance to make sure it’s not overloaded with other apps and processes.

The choice of the best video surveillance equipment of 2021 in terms of choosing a server machine depends on your requirements, but most commonly our clients choose a modern Intel i7 computer (or its AMD analog) or a microPC such as Raspberry Pi for the small amount of cameras.

We can recommend testing what you already have (a PC, laptop or other suitable device) with your cameras and then decide whether you need to purchase something else or not. Luckily, our software Xeoma allows you to test it completely free of charge. Request demo licenses here.

You can find hardware recommendations with a particular amount of cameras here.

Also, you can use our system requirements calculator to get recommendation on the hardware.

Advice from the Xeoma video surveillance program And for those who only want to use a smartphone or tablet to review the cameras, you can use our Xeoma Cloud server. In this case you will not need to have a server on your side – just some cameras you’d like to view and your phone or other device to review cameras via the Xeoma mobile app or in the web browser interface.

Video surveillance software

Yes, that’s right, video surveillance software is also on the list of the best video surveillance equipment of 2021. Nowadays it’s crucial to choose flexible and multifunctional software to make sure that all your requirements are completely fulfilled.

Xeoma is a ready-to-go product that is compatible with 99% of all camera brands on the market. It can find your cameras automatically, so all you need to do is simply launch it.

Xeoma has 100+ features for the perfect video surveillance. Its functionality is almost unlimited. Xeoma’s AI-based modules can be used for any project and any requirements.

You can review your cameras remotely via free of charge Xeoma mobile apps.

And Xeoma’s editions will suit any budget. There’s not only Free version that can be used with unlimited amount of cameras, but also Starter, Lite, Standard and Pro modes for the necessary amount of cameras and requirements.

We can definitely add Xeoma to the list of the best video surveillance equipment of 2021.

Here are the application fields to use Xeoma in:

– Home video surveillance
– Security CCTV systems: police, airport, railway station, mall etc.
– Office video surveillance: microfinancing institution, pharmacy office, post office etc.
– Quality control installations: coffeehouse, boutique, cafe, restaurant etc.
– Special video analytics installations: sport games field, traffic-control installation, crop fields to control birds, high-security facility (face recognition, face ID etc.) etc.

And you can always test Xeoma with a demo license for any amount of cameras completely free of charge!
Launch Xeoma and test its unlimited potential. And our “live” and friendly tech support will gladly help if you have questions.




You can request free demo licenses for Xeoma here. Enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.



You can also find more about Xeoma in this video:

November, 4 2021

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