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Xeoma in a veterinary hospital

Video surveillance in a veterinary hospital Video surveillance is a common tool in offices and other institutions. However, its potential contains not only video monitoring but also intellectual features that can be used for the sake of business and higher service quality. And veterinary hospitals are no exception.

Xeoma has over 100 modules and features to create the perfect video surveillance system. Video recordings and live footage are complemented with Artificial intelligence analysis and other useful features. Its simple interface and flexible settings are easy to manage and fun to configure. And Xeoma’s prices will suit any budget. By the way, CCTV software Xeoma has 100% free of charge version without ads. Feature-rich Xeoma will become a relentless assistant in your veterinary hospital.

Sometimes pet owners bring their beloved animals in the veterinary hospital for particular procedures and need to leave them there for several hours. It might be stressful for both animals and pet parents, so video surveillance might be a great helper and serve stress-relief purposes. Take your customer service to the next level and provide your visitors temporary access to the cameras e.g. in the guest rooms or rehabilitation room, so that your clients could observe their pets after procedures (operations, general anesthesia etc.) and get to know when to pick them up.

Already have IP cameras? Great! You can use Xeoma in your veterinary hospital with existing cameras because the program supports 99% of all camera models on the market. Create your perfect video surveillance solution with Xeoma!

Video surveillance in a veterinary hospitalThese are application scenarios that might be useful in terms of video surveillance for veterinary hospitals:

• Video monitoring (archive and online video)
• 24/7 territory and hospital protection
• Face recognition for business automation
• Centralization of multiple locations
• Parking lot automation
• Analyze visitors number and plan more effective work
• And many other things ’cause Xeoma’s potential is almost unlimited

All of the above-mentioned and many other tasks can be implemented by means of CCTV software Xeoma. Let’s take a closer look at these application fields and Xeoma’s intellectual features in details.

Video monitoring

Every video surveillance system’s basic features are definitely online video streaming and archive recording. Xeoma is most certainly equipped with these most crucial functions and many others.
You can connect any cameras in Xeoma since it supports 99% of all camera brands. And review your cameras from any device remotely. Use your smartphone or tablet in order to always be aware of what is going on.

24/7 territory and hospital protection

Xeoma contains all basic modules and features such as Motion detector to detect motion inside and outside the building e.g. during nighttime, Sound events detector to detect glass break, screams and gunshots, Smoke/Fire detection to prevent fire accidents and various notification modules for timely reaction.

Face recognition for business automation

Another useful module in Xeoma for veterinary hospitals is “Face recognition” that can be used to recognize faces of customers and employees in order to have a database. Also, this module can be used with automatic doors and gates, so they will be opened upon receiving the signal about face recognition from the “white list”.

Centralization of multiple locations

Xeoma’s multiserver mode is a great tool to create a centralized video surveillance system and combine multiple locations on 1 screen. Use the multiserver mode in Xeoma to review all cameras at once from various locations or combine only several servers. Multiserver mode doesn’t require additional payment and can combine as many servers as needed completely free of charge.

Parking lot automation

Use the “Parking Spots” module in Xeoma to automatically determine and update the status (empty/occupied) of parking spaces in a parking lot on the territory.
Also, you can use the “ANPR” module in Xeoma to recognize license plates and automatically open the gate barrier when there’s a proper car from the “white list” is detected.

Analyze the visitors number and plan more effective work

Xeoma’s “Visitors counter” or “Cross-line detector” modules can be used to count clients entering the building or particular rooms. You can analyze the customers flow in your veterinary hospital and organize work in a more efficient way.

More in Xeoma

Xeoma video surveillance software is full of intellectual features that can be used in any facility.
For your veterinary hospital you can also consider using the AI-powered “Emotion recognition” module to recognize 7 basic human emotions of your clients. Or “FaceID” module alongside “Smart-card reader” or “QR-code recognition” to automate access control in the building.

Read more about Xeoma’s video analytics here.

With Xeoma video surveillance becomes simple, yet powerful and effective.

June, 20 2022

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