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Best video surveillance system 2021

Best video surveillance system in 2021 Xeoma What is the best choice for video surveillance equipment in 2021 – undoubtedly ip cameras. Most people choose an ip camera to create video monitoring system. The next task is to choose the best video surveillance in 2021. Let’s review one of the best video surveillance systems of 2021 – Xeoma.

Xeoma has 100+ features including AI-powered. Best video surveillance system in 2021 should be able to combine easy-to-use interface and powerful functionality. Xeoma can do that for sure. Since it has multiple AI-based features, its potential capacity is almost unlimited.

This video surveillance software will suit any requirements as it has 6 different modes of functioning for any budget (including 100% Free version) and various application scenarios from basic to complex and large ones.

Let’s review various application scenarios and Xeoma – best video surveillance system in 2021 – in them:

Best video surveillance system in 2021 Xeoma

Home video surveillance:

  • Home video surveillance
  • Small installations

Usually, home surveillance doesn’t require professional features. Xeoma supports 99% of all cameras including ip cameras, web cameras, NVRs/DVRs and many others. Requirements might be different, but as a general rule homeowners require motion detection and notifications with photos of an event when a motion (intrusion) is detected. Cameras can be mounted both outside and inside the building, so the software should be compatible with all kinds of equipment. Software should be easy to configure and most of the time price should be affordable because usually the whole system is 2-4 cameras maximum, and the price range should be suitable for this amount of cameras. In this case “package system” when you need to purchase a set of cameras in a license without possibility to choose necessary amount of cameras (e.g. you need to purchase a 6-cameras package even if you need to use 4 or 5 cameras) is not very convenient. The software should be flexible, so you won’t need to pay extra money.

What is the best video surveillance system in 2021 for home surveillance? – Definitely Xeoma!

Xeoma is extremely flexible. There’s 100% free of charge version that you can use with your cameras. Or there are affordable Starter and Lite commercial modes. And you can purchase particular amount of cameras in a license as you need (e.g. 2+1 to have 3 cams in total instead of purchasing a set of 4 cameras).

Xeoma Starter mode allows connecting up to 1000 for preview and record archives from 2 cameras.
Xeoma Lite mode allows connecting up to 4 cameras (depending on your license).
Both modes include notification modules (SMS, email) and remote access option to review cameras from any device e.g. your phone.

Xeoma has all basic modules that are necessary for home surveillance and the price range is very affordable. So it’s for sure the best video surveillance system in 2021 for home usage.

Best video surveillance system in 2021 Xeoma

Large enterprise video surveillance:

  • Plants
  • Factories
  • Large territories

When there’s a great amount of cameras, there are most commonly high demands and expectations. Video surveillance software in this case should be powerful and reliable. Sometimes it’s required to have access control options or video analytics. Most of the time large territories are covered with multiple cameras of different brands, so the software should support a wide range of equipment. Archive and online cameras view should be available to check at a request of higher management, so this option of multiple remote connections is important too.

What is the best video surveillance system in 2021 for large territories and factories? – Clearly Xeoma!

Xeoma has full functionality to handle large installation like multiple access rights, face and license plates recognition, synchronized archive playback, unlimited access from Xeoma Clients (free of charge), multiserver mode and so on.

Xeoma Standard mode includes all necessary modules and options. You can purchase as many cameras as you need and add more camera in the future expanding your CCTV system.
Xeoma Pro mode provides all basic functionality + intellectual modules and features like eMap (electronic multilayered map to position your cameras), synchronized archive playback, search by motion, faces or license plates, heatmap and many others.
Additional modules are based on artificial intelligence and can be purchased additionally to your Standard or Pro license. These are FaceID, Object recognition, Gender/Age/Emotion recognition, Sound events detector, Construction site safety detector, search by photo etc.

Xeoma can be used with various cameras because it supports 434+ brands of all cameras on the market. This possibility can reduce the video surveillance system’s cost significantly because Xeoma can work with existing cameras or cameras can be purchased according to the specified budget.

Best video surveillance system in 2021 Xeoma

Educational, medical or government institutions video surveillance:

  • Safe city
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Police
  • Hospitals

Various institutions usually require quite simple and definitely stable video surveillance. The amount of cameras might be different, but usually it’s around 32-64 cameras on the territory. Video surveillance system in this case should have all tools to protect the building at night (notify the security office/police or turn on the alarm) and monitor the territory during the day. Another key element is the price of the whole system because most of the time these institutions are sponsored by government and each dollar is important. So the price of the software should be as fair as possible.

What is the best video surveillance system in 2021 for educational, medical or government institutions? – In absolute terms Xeoma!

Xeoma Standard mode includes various modules and options. You can purchase as many cameras as you need. The price per camera is lower if you purchase a set of cameras e.g. a single license for 32 or 64 cameras.
Xeoma Pro mode provides all modules as in Standard + intellectual modules for professional video surveillance.

Xeoma provides a wide range of video analytics alongside its flexibility in working with various cameras and other equipment. It’s the best choice in terms of creating a video surveillance system for particular requirements with precise configuration of different modules.

Best video surveillance system in 2021 Xeoma

Video surveillance for business:

  • Malls
  • Offices
  • Boutiques
  • Banks

In terms of business the best variant of CCTV solution will be a stable video surveillance system with various analytics. For malls, banks, shops and other service businesses video surveillance software should be able to detect motion and collect all sorts of analytics. CCTV software should be able to support different cameras and/or NVRs/DVRs. And, of course, it should store archive and allow synchronized playback of multiple cameras. Another crucial moment is to provide restricted access to operators to make sure that important settings or archive recordings will not be accidentally erased.

What is the best video surveillance system in 2021 for business? – Certainly Xeoma!

Xeoma Standard mode comprises various modules and options. You can purchase any amount of cameras: from one to e.g. 5000 (unlimited). You automatically get a discount for the per camera basis if you purchase a license with a set of cameras, for instance, a single license for 128 cameras.
Xeoma Pro mode consists of the same modules and features as Standard + intellectual modules and features for professional video surveillance.
Additional modules are AI-based and can be purchased additionally to your Standard or Pro license.
For this kind of video surveillance system you can use the following analytics: FaceID and Face Recognition, Visitors counter, Gender/Age/Emotion recognition (collecting marketing information), eMap (virtual floor plan where you can position your cameras), Sound events detector, search by photo etc.

Any business can find what it requires in 100+ features of Xeoma. Even Xeoma’s basic video analytics like motion detection or visitors counting will be useful for service businesses. Needles to say that AI-based modules of Xeoma can handle even more and will be as powerful and precise as possible.

Best video surveillance system in 2021 Xeoma

Video surveillance for reselling:

  • For system integrators
  • Distributors
  • Camera manufacturers
  • Resellers

CCTV resellers and distributors usually require stable and multifunctional software to sell to their customers. It should have various analytics and suit for any requirements from small installation to the huge corporation system integration. Also, the software should be cross-platformed and should be supported in realtime (online tech support communication). Another important note is that the software should be able to support multiple camera brands – the more the better.

What is the best video surveillance system in 2021 for resellers, integrators and distributors? – In no doubts Xeoma!

Xeoma supports 99% of all cameras on the market. Tech support is quick, online and, most importantly, free of charge. Xeoma provides multiple analytics including AI-based for any requirements. And it supports all popular OSes: Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux ARM, Android and iOS.

We’re always happy to meet new resellers and partners. Xeoma offers the best value for its affordable prices. And our reseller conditions are one of the best.

Xeoma has a wide array of solutions for smart home systems and automation: it can send or receive commands from or to external devices like light/temperature controllers, gate barriers, POS, etc.

Best price: Xeoma’s retail prices are affordable for customers around the world. License for 1 camera/channel is very cost-effective, given the great quality and powerful set of functions in Xeoma.

Also, we offer quite favorable partner conditions: discounts based on your purchase volumes and payment method, free rebranding, full cycle support and personal approach.

And the cherry on top: we offer demo licenses for you and your customers completely free of charge and provide all-round help in testing and promoting Xeoma!




You can request free demo licenses for Xeoma here. Enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.



April, 13 2021

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